Week 10: Performance Show

Original song night on Rock Star: Supernova put the rockers in
their comfort zones, and the performances benefited from it. Toby,
Lukas, and Storm just made Supernova’s final decision a little more

Brooke started the show by encouraging Ryan’s
disappointed fans not to despair. Ryan’s got the top three music
downloads on MSN music, so his solo career seems off to a promising
start. After showing footage from the reality show, Brooke introduced
Dilana, the first of the evening’s rockers to perform an original song,
as well as the requisite cover tune.

Dilana – “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who
tore a calf muscle during rehearsal, so she spent the majority of her
performance seated on a stool. She finally used the pretty voice she’s
been hiding under her smoky growl. It would’ve been nice if she’d used
it a little more liberally throughout the season.

Dilana’s Original -“Supersoul”
verse sounded just like Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box.” She used
childish-sounding rhymes to sing about how strong she is, and how she’s
not scared even though she’s small. It showcased the same problem she
had during the songwriting clinic: writing lyrics that are too literal
and specific.

Comedian Dave Navarro said that, vocally, you’d
never know Dilana had torn a calf muscle. Dave didn’t like her
original, but Tommy Lee did. Gilby Clarke said that her lyrics
over-explain everything in detail, and that she should use more
imagination when writing.

After returning from the commercial
break, Brooke announced that the House Band will open for Supernova on
their tour. Some of the losing rockers will perform their best songs
from the show. I might be willing to pay $45/ticket to listen to the
House Band and not have to hear Supernova play.

Magni – “Back in the USSR” by The Beatles
Magni did a fine job, but the House Band stole the show with their “hoo-hoo-hoo” backing vocals.

Magni’s Original -“When the Time Comes”
said that he just translated his song from Icelandic to English.
Apparently, the same words rhyme in both languages. Musically, it was a
pretty straightforward rock song. It wasn’t bad, but not particularly

Tommy said that both songs seemed kind of the same,
and he asked Magni why. Magni replied, “Because both of those songs
were sung by me.”

“Oh, that’s why!” laughed Tommy. Gilby said that Tommy had a point; Magni should’ve kicked things up a notch for his original.

Storm – “Suffragette City” by David Bowie
interrupted Brooke as she introduced the song and asked if he could
play guitar on the song. Storm asked, “Are you kidding me? Get your ass
up here.” Storm might be the best David Bowie cover singer out there.
During Dave’s guitar solo, Storm yelled, “Oh, David!”

Storm’s Original – “Ladylike”
and atmospheric, this was the most original of the original songs. The
chorus was really heavy, and I’ll bet the uncensored version (she
changed some words for TV) sounds great. This was Storm’s best
performance since “Anything, Anything.”

Dave said performing
with Storm felt like performing with some of the greatest singers he’s
ever played with. He said that her original was his favorite from both
seasons. Tommy said the original was, “Vvvvvrrgh,” while Gilby
described it as more, “Mmmrrgh.” Then Storm kissed Brooke on the lips,
in a clip that should be on YouTube in 3…2…1.

Lukas – “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi
played guitar, accompanied only by Paul on keyboard. They turned the
song into the first Bon Jovi goth dirge. Lukas sang the opening verse
quietly, emphasizing the dire circumstances of Tommy and Gina. If you
weren’t listening to the lyrics you’d never recognize the song. In
fact, since the lyrics were pretty much incomprehensible, I’m not sure
I did recognize the song. Still, somehow, it worked.

Lukas’s Original – “Headspin”
song also started out quietly and was a little slow tempo throughout,
but it got pretty loud during the chorus. Lukas lurched about the stage
in vintage Lukas style, giving a great performance. The House Band
rocked again, with Nate adding some cool drum fills and bassist Sasha
spraying water out of his mouth in Gene Simmons fashion. I wish I could
do that.

Dave praised Lukas for showing his emotional side in
his original song. When he said that it was the kind of song an arena
full of people would hold lighters up for, Gilby pointed out that now
fans hold up cell phones. Dave held up a shaky hand mimicking the
lighter pose, and said in an old man voice, “This kid’s really good.”

Toby – “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers
Toby’s voice sounded FANTASTIC. The song was written to be a crowd-pleaser, and the range was perfect for Toby.

Toby’s Original – “Throw It Away”
sounded like a Supernova song, only better. The guitar part was
super-fast and oddly reminiscent of Iron Maiden — fitting since Toby
runs around as much as Bruce Dickinson. And he sang perfectly whilst
running around.

Dave said the song was instantaneously memorable
and noted that the crowd had been singing along with Toby. Supernova
was also impressed.

Instead of announcing the early bottom three, Brooke announced the early voting order for all contestants:

1st – Toby
2nd – Lukas
3rd – Magni
4th – Storm
5th – Dilana

vote went to Toby. He sounded great on both songs and put on a high
energy show. If Supernova is a serious band looking for someone with
lots of emotional depth, they should choose Lukas. But if they just
want to rock and have a good time, Toby is their man.