Week 10: Elimination Show

Dilana should’ve been eliminated for butchering a classic song by Cheap Trick, but instead, Supernova booted Storm off of Rock Star.

show started with an announcement that Brooke is pregnant with a baby
girl. And Tommy and Dave wasted no time hitting on the embryo.

were then shown a montage of the original songs performed last night.
In the studio, Dilana sat on the rockers’ mini-stage, holding a new
pair of crutches decorated with artificial flowers.

Dave tried
to ask Toby about his performance from the previous night, but Toby’s
answer was repeatedly interrupted by (presumably young) screaming
girls. Toby said, “Thank you, girls. In ten years.” Then, Supernova
chose Magni to sing with them.

Magni – “It’s All Love” by Supernova
song was totally forgettable adult contemporary alt-rock. This would be
featured on one of those radio station that still plays The Spin
Doctors a few times a week. Aside from a couple falsetto bits, the
vocals had such a narrow range that it was impossible to tell anything
about Magni’s voice from the performance — which is too bad, since we
know Magni can sing.

After letting us know that each of the
rockers had arrived at elimination show in a new Honda Element, Brooke
listed many fabulous features of this year’s model. She must really
like that car! Also, by sheer coincidence, we learned that the winner
of tonight’s encore would get to keep the Element they rode in on.

announcing the encore winner, Gilby gave an update on the Supernova
tour itinerary. Dave’s band, Panic Channel, will be joining the House
Band as Supernova’s opening acts. Then, Jason declared Toby the winner
of the encore and the Honda. No word on if they’ll be switching the
steering wheel to the opposite side for tooling around Australia.

Toby – “Throwin’ It All Away” by Toby
dedicated his song to the memory of fellow Aussie, Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin. For a second night in a row, Raphael got to go nuts on his
guitar solo. Metal bands always sell out huge venues in Raphie’s native
Brazil, so this must have been a dream week for him.

after winning a car and an encore, Brooke announced that Toby spent
some time in the Bottom Three during the course of voting. But so had
everyone else. The final Bottom Three was as follows:

Storm – “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd
needed to rock. Instead, she performed a song being simultaneously
played in coffee houses across the country by hundreds of guys who’ve
just learned how to play acoustic guitar. Her voice sounded beautiful,
and she dedicated it to her mom and started to cry. Jason was crying as

Dilana – “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick
Dilana sped up the song dramatically, and then couldn’t keep up with
the rhythm, making it sound like a polka. She concentrated so hard on
hopping on her one good leg that she screwed up all of the words.
Having just seen Cheap Trick perform this song on Sunday, Dilana’s
performance was an absolute joke.

Lukas – “Headspin” by Lukas Rossi
said that he was surprised to see Lukas at the bottom. Taking full
advantage of the national television exposure, Lukas performed his
original song again. His enunciation was a little better tonight, or
else I’m getting better at understanding him through repeated exposure.
I can only imagine how many lyrics I would have picked up if he’d
gotten the encore, too.

Gilby said that Storm’s been changing up
her performances, but she’s been in the Bottom Three several times. He
said that Dilana’s been the one to watch so far, but, being in the
Bottom Three, “that’s a rough one.” Gilby told Lukas he was safe and
sent him back with Toby and Magni.

Tommy professed his love for
both of the women (for all women, really), then handed his mic to Jason
to do the actual dismissal. Jason said the band respects both women as
“comrades in rock.” Then he sent Storm home, thanking her for lighting
up the stage every week.

Dave told Storm that he could’ve chosen
to play with any of the rockers this season, and he’d picked her. Dave
promised to play guitar on a recording of her original song. Tommy said
he wanted to play drums, and Jason volunteered to play bass. Storm
called her new band Rock Star: Stormnova. Echoing Ryan’s words from
last week, Storm promised that we’d see her again.