Week 11: Reality Episode

The four remaining rockers were sentimental about the end of their journey in the final reality episode of Rock Star: Supernova. Although not sentimental enough to skip some pointless, last-minute bickering.

dinner following Storm’s departure, Magni, Toby, Dilana, and Lukas all
said they would miss living with Storm. Then they marveled over the
fact that one of them would become Supernova’s singer in a matter of

Magni tried to quietly appreciate the gravity of their
situation by playing the piano, and Dilana hopped over to sit beside
him. Puckish Toby couldn’t resist the opportunity to exact his messy
congratulations on Magni for singing with Supernova that night. Toby
slipped Dilana a frosting-laden piece of cake, which she shoved into
Magni’s face as he played.

The rockers were surprised the next
day by MiG, last season’s elfin Aussie contestant. MiG handed Toby a
set of keys to a new Honda Element, and then MiG jumped in and out of
the car, prompting Toby to call him “a funny little man with painted-on

MiG stuck around to remind the gang of the sobering fact
that three of them would not win. Those three need to be prepared to
seize opportunities when they see them, as the exposure from the show
won’t automatically generate multimillion dollar recording deals. MiG
himself finally signed a deal recently, and his album will be out in

After MiG left, Lukas admitted that he stopped
listening as soon as MiG talked about the possibility of losing. Lukas
said he showed up to win, and that is his only option. Then Toby
gleefully said, “I got a fucking car,” and everyone was back in high

The gang went into the song selection room where they
discovered that four of the pictures on the walls had been replaced
with shots of them performing. There was close up of Magni screaming
into a mic, and a long shot of Dilana in her hoodie on week 1. The shot
of Toby featured him surrounded by the girls he dragged on stage a few
weeks ago. He shocked Magni when he pointed to a girl and identified
her as Ashley from Melbourne, prompting Magni to wonder, “How the hell
do you know that?”

Toby and Magni took a special pleasure in
critiquing Lukas picture, taken when he performed “Creep.” He was
making a face that Toby described as “humanly impossible,” with his
lips puckered and smooshed up against his nose. Lukas remarked, “I look
like the Predator. What are my lips doing?”

When it came time
for song selection, the rockers received a note instructing them to
choose any song that’s been performed this season, including Bottom
Three songs, or one of four new tracks. In addition to the cover song,
the rockers will reprise their originals.

So while the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars enters its second hour of brand new performances, Rock Star
will be rehashing four performances we’ve heard before (twice already
in Lukas’s and Toby’s cases). Not a good move. I’m sure I won’t be the
only one taping Rock Star in favor of DWTS.

the huge stack of previously performed songs gave the rockers a chance
to reflect on those who went before them, a technique Mark Burnett uses
in the final episode of each season of Survivor. Magni found Matt’s ill-fated Duran Duran song, and all agreed it was best left on the pile.

of the new songs was “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd, and, despite
having dozens of songs to choose from, both Lukas and Dilana decided
that they needed that song. Lukas made the point that he gave Dilana
what she wanted last week, so she should do him the same favor.

just like last week, all it took was someone suggesting a challenging
alternative for Lukas to give in. “Fix You” by Coldplay was another of
the new songs, and Lukas’ initial reluctance to perform a second
Coldplay song gave way to the challenge of making it better than the

So Dilana got her song and everyone was happy. That is,
until she changed her mind and decided that she’d rather sing
“Roxanne.” She offered “Comfortably Numb” back to Lukas, but he

Dilana, who performed “Every Breath You Take” a few
weeks back, practiced her new choice with Magni before exclaiming, “I
can’t believe I’m doing two Sting songs!” Somewhere, Stewart Copeland
and Andy Summers asked, “Hey, what about us?”

At rehearsal with
the House Band, Lukas said that “Fix You” reminded him of his
relationship with his absent father. If Lukas wins, Supernova’s first
album will be titled “Family Therapy.”

went into her rehearsal session knowing that all she had to do was
leave “Roxanne” alone, and she’d avoid the fate Chris suffered for his
disastrous rearrangement. But then Dilana ignored her own advice and
decided to “strip things down,” leaving guitarist Raphael hiding his
face in his hands.

As always, band leader Paul voiced the
opinion of the masses: “It’s perplexing that she would’ve chosen the
song, and then chosen to do it the way she’s doing it. I don’t
particularly care for it, personally. But she likes it.”

went preemptively on the defensive: “If I get crucified for doing this
song, then whoever crucifies me needs their head read, because I think
it’s stunning the way I’m doing it.” Then she was shown singing and
screwing up the first word–the very title–of the song: “Roxanna.”