Week 11: Performance Show

It’s the final week of Rock Star: Supernova, and, in my opinion, the show lasted one week too long. With a brand new episode of Dancing with the Stars on tonight, there was little incentive to (re-)watch performances of the rockers’ original songs from last week.

got the honor of introducing Ryan as the winner of the fans’ choice
encore, and he sang his original, “Back of Your Car.” As the winner, he
received a Honda CRV and a Verizon Chocolate phone. And Brooke plugged
Ryan’s new album, “Dark Horse,” available on the Rock Star website.

Toby – “Karma Police” by Radiohead
sounded okay, but the performance was probably more meaningful to
people who were already fans of the song. I don’t care for Radiohead,
so this didn’t do it for me. Then Magni played guitar on Toby’s

Dave loved the Radiohead song and the original, and
Tommy said, “Nice job.” Gilby said Toby lost it on the early melody of
the Radiohead song, but finished strong. Jason said Toby’s performance
generated a lot of energy.

Lukas – “Fix You” by Coldplay
is finally starting to open up his voice on prettier songs. He stumbled
about the stage in Lukas fashion, knocking over his mic stand. The
House Band sounded perfect behind him. Then he played his original
acoustically — giving the audience its best shot at understanding the

After the set, Dave pointed out his alter ego from American Idol,
Paula Abdul, who was in the audience. Tommy said Lukas’s performance
was, “Wow, cool as hell.” Gilby called Lukas fearless. Then, plugging
Thursday’s Survivor: Cook Islands premiere, also on CBS, Dave said, “Grab your torch. Head back to camp.”

Dilana – “Roxanne” by The Police
She can hit all of the notes of this song, which is a first for a contestant on Rock Star.
But she stripped things down and took all of the rock out of the song
— a disappointment, since my favorite part of the song is the drum
fill leading into the chorus. Magni, Toby, and Lukas sang backup for
her. Funny that she decided to perform a song about encouraging a
hooker not to turn tricks, while dressed like a hooker herself. Then
she performed her original.

Dave said he loved her 1000 times
more after tonight, and Tommy was similarly impressed. Jason requested
matching outfits for her backup singers, as well as some choreography.

Magni – “Hush” by Deep Purple
Finally, a rock song. The band actually got to have fun with one of the covers tonight. Magni’s original followed.

said, “You put on a great set, now the cards are gonna fall where they
may.” That’s executive producer code for, “You’re doomed.” Tommy said
that, unlike the other rockers’ songs, he didn’t remember anything
about Magni’s original. Jason said he dug Magni’s original, and Gilby
said Magni sang great and performed well.

Early Results:
1st – Dilana
2nd – Toby
3rd – Lukas
4th – Magni

My vote went to Magni. I don’t want him to win, but he doesn’t deserve to be first off tomorrow night either.