Week 11: The Finale

After 11 weeks of competition, it turns out that none of the Rock Star contestants will be the lead singer of Supernova. However, that doesn’t mean nobody won.

this week, a judge determined that Tommy, Gilby, and Jason would not be
allowed to call themselves Supernova, since there’s already a band with
that name. As of the time of this writing, they haven’t decided on an

The finale began with a recap of the previous
night’s performances. Afterward, Brooke explained that the two rockers
(as opposed to the usual three) who received the lowest number of votes
would perform to save themselves from elimination. The band would
cut one person, and then the three remaining contestants would each
give a final performance.

During the course of the voting,
Dilana was the only one never to drop into the Bottom Two. By the time
voting ended, Lukas was safe, too. So it came down to Magni and Toby to
battle for a spot in the final three. They each played a song they’d
performed on an earlier episode of the show, with no major changes.

reprised “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix, in front of some giant video screens
brought out for the finale. Jason Newsted stood and
clapped at the end of the song — a sure sign that Magni was getting
cut, as Jason has often saved his heartiest responses to show respect
for those who are about to get axed. Toby played “White Wedding” by
Billy Idol, and did a typically solid job.

After the band
conferred over a commercial break, Gilby Clarke told Magni that he
seemed more a part of the House Band rather than a true frontman, so he
was being eliminated. Jason stared at the ground, resting his forehead
on his hand, perhaps an indication that the band’s decision was not

Dave Navarro said that he’s never had a bad thing to
say about Magni, and that the “Iceman” is loved throughout the world. Magni
thanked everyone involved, focusing special attention on the House
Band. He said Gilby was right; he didn’t want to front the House Band,
just be a part of it. Hopefully, Mark Burnett was listening and will
take Magni up on his offer next season.

As Magni left the stage, Jason turned to Dave and said, “He’s heading off to become the King of Iceland.”

the Final Three joined Brooke onstage, where she gave each of them a
chance for some final words to the band. Lukas said that he was most
impressed that the guys were nice, despite being so rich and
successful. Dilana said that, while Lukas and Toby are great, she’s
“the one.” Toby said that he deserved to win because he’s taller than
Lukas and Dilana.

Then it was time for the final competition performances of
the season. Lukas sang “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve, Dilana did
“Zombie” by The Cranberries, and Toby performed “Somebody Told Me” by
The Killers. Supernova conferred one final time, pretending they hadn’t
decided on a winner weeks ago.

Jason grabbed the mic and lauded
Toby for his vocal range and energy level, and then abruptly cut him
from the competition. Lukas and Dilana stood dumbfounded as Toby hushed the grumbling crowd. Dave told Toby he’s already got a hit
single on his hands with his original. Toby was gracious and thanked
Superwhatever for not picking him–er, for their advice throughout the season.

Toby exited the stage, Brooke stood next to Lukas and Dilana. Dave
said, “It’s down to the two edgy ones. Brooke, it looks like you’re
about to perform a goth wedding… Ha, it’s not a bad idea!”

told Lukas his look and vocals fit the band. He then told Dilana,
“You’re enchanting. Who doesn’t love you?” Apparently, Tommy doesn’t,
because he then announced that the band had picked Lukas as the winner.

By the end of the previous night’s voting, Lukas had moved up to receive the
highest number of votes, and the band said that helped them settle on a

Dave quickly took some ecstasy and gushed over Dilana,
“I absolutely adore you! You’re awesome. I love you.” He asked her to
take part in the upcoming tour, performing with the House Band. Dilana said she would.

Gilby offered his services to co-write and produce Dilana’s album. To distinguish himself from the other members of Supernova,
who’d made a similar offer to Storm, Gilby said, “I didn’t offer that
to anyone else. Only to you.” Dave and Tommy both said they were in,
too. Jason cried silently, wondering what the hell he was thinking when
he left Metallica and agreed to do this gig.

Then the newly complete band took the
stage to perform with their official lead singer. Jason gave Lukas a quick
hug, before donning an expression as if he’d punch the next person who
spoke to him. Someone must’ve let slip that even Dateline‘s ratings were pummeling those of the Rock Star finale. He picked up his bass and stood as far away from Lukas and the others as possible.

and Tommy embraced Lukas, and the band played “Be Yourself (and Five
Other Cliches),” a song they’d tried a few weeks back with Toby on
vocals. Tommy smiled widely during the performance, and Gilby
frequently interacted with Lukas.

Brooke then called them back to the front
of the stage to sign off for the season. Jason crossed his arms and
scowled the entire time, because he was missing the end of Dancing with the Stars.

band again took up their instruments, this time to play “It’s All
Love.” Lukas asked Magni (who sang the song with the band last week) to
come out and play acoustic guitar with them. As they performed, the
credits rolled, and the show faded out.

The first thing the band
is going to have to do is move the songs to a key that Lukas can
actually sing. Either that, or Lukas needs to work on his range. He had
a rougher time with the new tunes than he did with most of his covers
during the season. And Gilby’s harmonies didn’t mesh well with his
voice, either.

It wasn’t the best first impression to offer the band’s potential fans. But it
seemed fitting to go out on a sour note, since Jason already looked set
to quit the band.