DwtS In-Season Update: 10-30-06

The four couples left on Dancing with the Stars are pretty evenly matched. Going into Week Eight, who’s got the edge?

4. Monique Coleman & Louis van Amstel
I thought that there was no way Monique could go home this week. As the
only female celebrity left, she’s bound to get votes from fans who
don’t want the final two weeks of competition to be a total sausage

But then I looked at the number of views for each of the
videos of last week’s dances at YouTube. Monique & Louis trail the
other remaining couples by a significant margin. That’s a good
indication that a) their dances weren’t memorable enough for viewers to
want to watch a second time or share with others, or b) they’re not
very popular.

The judges haven’t helped them either. Of the
remaining couples, Monique & Louis were the only pair not to earn a
single 10 last week.

Monique & Louis spent last week in the
Bottom Two. Heading into this week’s competition, they’re the most
vulnerable team left.

3. Joey Lawrence & Edyta Sliwinska
been on an upswing since that body language interpreter told him to
stop compulsively licking his lips. Last week, he & Edyta tied with
Emmitt & Cheryl for the highest combined scores for their two
dances. Also, videos of Joey & Edyta’s dances have been viewed
virtually the same number of times as Mario & Karina’s.

closing in on Mario’s role as the viewers’ favorite
child-star-turned-hunk. He’s not there yet, but he should survive this

2. Mario Lopez & Karina Smirnoff
king of the mountain has been supplanted, and this may just be the
beginning of the fall. Last week, Mario & Karina’s two dances
scored a total of one point less than those of Joey & Edyta and
Emmitt & Cheryl. That’s not a statistically significant margin, but
it offers evidence that Mario is beatable, even on a good night.

their last few routines, Mario has seemed to fade into the background,
as Karina has assumed the spotlight. Their dancing is still great, and
they won’t go home this week. But they’d better put the focus back on
Mario’s dancing skills, if they want to secure a spot in the finale.

1. Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke
scoring 10s from the judges, and their videos are by far the most
popular at YouTube. Unless the wheels fall off, Emmitt & Cheryl are
a lock for the finale. It’s too soon to say if they’ll win, but that
outcome is looking more likely with each performance.

Other DwtS News:
Information on the Dancing with the Stars Tour is available at ABC’s website. Tickets for most tour dates go on sale Saturday, November 4.

As we get closer to the November 15 finale, the oddsmakers still have Mario Lopez as the favorite to win. He was the preseason favorite, too.

Emmitt Smith
has vowed to take over duties as the show’s resident jester, now that
Jerry Springer’s gone. “It’s been a blessing to be around the man and
have the chance to get to know him on a personal basis,” Emmitt said.