TAR 10: Episode 7

Kentuckians David & Mary survived for another week on The Amazing Race by lucking into this season’s second non-elimination leg. Just what do these two have to do to get kicked off?

Teams left Kuwait City for Mauritius, with a stopover at Heathrow.
Some couples had a hard time believing that the fastest way to go from
the Middle East to an island off the east coast of Africa was via
London. Kandice actually asked the ticketing agent, “What country is that in? India?”

and Dustin waited in line, with Lyn & Karlyn and Tyler & James
behind them, in that order. The Beauty Queens asked the agents to print
tickets for the male models before assisting the Alabama moms.

Karlyn was enraged, arguing first with Dustin & Kandice,
and then with Tyler. Lyn and James stayed mum. Tyler & James got
their tickets first, and Karlyn reminded the agent that he was going to
have to live with the knowledge that he’d let the boys cut in line.

arriving in Mauritius, teams found a model ship in each of their cars,
with instructions that read, “Swim to me.” Couples drove across the island
to a marina, where, to receive their next clue, they had to swim out to
the actual boat on which their model was based.

As has been a
pattern for them, Tyler & James got lost. They’d left the airport
first, yet arrived at the marina just as the slowest teams (Lyn &
Karlyn and David & Mary) were swimming back from the boat. The
Models made up a good chunk of their deficit in the water, nearly
catching up with the others.

Holding fast to the their alliance, the Cho
brothers waited onshore for Lyn, Karlyn, Mary, and David. And all three
teams drove toward their next destination in a convoy, just ahead of
Tyler & James.

The teams drove 49 miles to the post office at Case Noyale,
on the island’s west coast. Along, the way, Rob, who’d been following
the Beauty Queens, missed a turn, and then stalled his car at a
stoplight. As traffic built up behind him on the one-lane road, he did
what anyone would do in his position — got out of the car and walked

Some fellow drivers helped push the car off to the side of
the road, and Rob & Kimberly were forced to wait for a new vehicle.
They watched the “Six-Pack” — as the Chos, the ‘Bama Girls, and David & Mary called themselves — drive by.

Rob & Kimberly weren’t the only team with car troubles. A
distracted Dustin rear-ended a stopped bus. She lost time, as she
filled out police reports about the accident.

Thought the front of their car was a little (okay, a lot) worse for wear, Dustin & Kandice were still first to the post office. The next clue was the episode’s Detour: Salt or Sea.

Salt, teams drove two miles to a salt pan. There, they searched three
enormous piles of salt for a salt shaker with a clue hidden inside.
Decoy shakers hidden in the pile were filled with pepper.

Sea, teams walked to a nearby dock and chose a captain to ferry them to
an island, just under a mile away. Using a treasure map, teams searched
the island for a sail, walked it back to their boat, attached it to
their boat’s mast, and sailed back to shore.

Dustin & Kandice
chose Sea, using the boat ride as an opportunity to lay out and tan.
Their treasure map wasn’t very specific, so it took them longer than
they’d expected to find the sails.

Meanwhile, all of the other
teams had elected to search the piles of salt, including the last team
to arrive, Rob & Kimberly. Once they saw how large the piles of
salt were, they reasoned that, even if they switched tasks, they’d
still beat at least one of the salt-searching teams. They immediately
headed back to their car and drove to the Sea Detour.

“There’s no way all the other teams are going to find [their clues] at the same time,” Rob said.

by one, the other teams followed Rob & Kimberly’s lead, giving up
on Salt. David resisted switching tasks, even though the other teams in
his alliance had left. He insisted, “I don’t quit in the middle of something.”

Eventually, Mary persuaded him to go with the group, but by the time they set out in their boat, Dustin & Kandice were already returning to shore with their clue.

The Beauty Queens drove to the Pit Stop at Chateau Bel Ombre, where they were awarded motorscooters
for finishing in first place. Noting that the scooters can accommodate
a passenger, Phil said, “You guys can take a date out if you want.”
Dustin asked if Phil would be her date. Wrong show, Dustin. Jeff Probst is the host who dates show contestants.

& Kimberly found their sail next, but a wrong turn on the way to
the Pit Stop allowed Tyler & James to pass them and finish in
second place. Rob & Kimberly finished in third.

The three
teams of the Six-Pack met up on the island and found their sails
together. While driving to the Pit Stop, Lyn & Karlyn got sick of
waiting for the Chos to explain the directions to David & Mary, and they sped on ahead.

The Chos
followed them, and David & Mary were supposed to follow the
brothers. But, without constant handholding, the Kentuckians took a
wrong turn.

Lyn & Karlyn and Erwin & Godwin reached the
Pit Stop at the same time, and the brothers easily beat the single moms
in a footrace. When David & Mary arrived at the Pit Stop, they
wandered around confused, before finally finding Phil.

of eliminating them, Phil told David & Mary that this was the
second non-elimination leg, and that they were still in the race.

on the previous non-elimination leg, when they also finished last,
David & Mary were “marked for elimination.” They need to finish in
first place on the next leg, or they’ll incur a 30-minute penalty.

week, a new challenge is added to the Race: the Intersection, in which
two teams must work together to complete a task. That means someone
will have to team up with the scheming Beauty Queens.