Cook Islands: Recap Episode

This week’s Survivor: Cook Islands
was a recap of the first six episodes, with a few new scenes mixed in.
Here’s a brief listing of the new scenes, and where they fit into the
season’s prior episodes.

Episode One

New Scene:
At Hiki on Day 1, the tribe repeatedly tried to launch their boat to go
fishing. They couldn’t get it five feet offshore before Sekou tipped it
over — every single time.

The entire tribe laughed at their own
ineptitude. Sundra said, “We have an excuse. Our people had a really
bad experience with boats.”

New Scene: During Day 2 at Raro, Candice and Adam rowed out to catch some fish. The skies soon darkened, and the currents got rough.

and Candice got out of the boat and stood on a sandbar for hours,
shivering and holding each other for warmth. Finally, they swam back to
the tribe’s island, leaving their boat behind on the sandbar.

said that, when Adam and Candice returned — “shivering and purple” —
she was worried about them. But once she knew they were all right,
she found herself more concerned about the boat.

New Scene: At Aitu, Billy tried playing the social game immediately. He walked alone with J.P. and promised him, “Me and you to the end.”

afterward, Billy approached the women and told them he wanted to align
with them, and that getting rid of J.P. was a priority.

New Scene: At
Hiki, the tribe talked about losing the first challenge. Rebecca, Nate,
and Sundra wondered if losing meant they would be viewed as having let
down their race.

Voted Out: Sekou.
Select Final Words: “Nate warned me.”

Episode Two

New Scene: At
Puka on Day 3. Cao Boi and Yul discussed their heritage. Cao Boi said
that most people — even other Asians — assume he’s Japanese.

Boi told Yul that, once the tribes merged, he was confident that the
Asians would stick together until the end. “That’s going to be the
difference between our culture and others.”

Voted Out: Billy.
Select Final Words: “It was never about the money.”

Episode Three

New Scene: Day
6, Exile Island. Yul found the Hidden Immunity Idol and wanted to cover
his tracks. He tore up the clue that helped him find the Idol, and then
he got rid of the box in which the Idol had been buried, sending it out
to sea. “I don’t want the box lying around on the island.”

New Scenes (from various episodes): In
his second trip to Exile Island, Jonathan looked for the Idol in all
the right places — though Yul already had it. Jonathan finally gave
up, and started thinking about other issues. “I could use a toothbrush
real bad.”

During her stay at Exile Island, Candice dug a large grid of straight lines, to no avail.

When Adam went to Exile Island, he had no plan at all. He said, “Right now I’m just, kind of, digging wherever.”

New Scene: Once
the tribes combined, Parvati mingled and flirted with the all the men.
Rebecca said, “The guys love her… She’s entertainment for them.”

Parvati agreed with Rebecca, saying, “What else are they going to think about?”

Voted Out: Cecilia.
Select Final Words: “Those people missed out.”

Episode Four

New Scene: At Raro, Stephannie sang “Amazing Grace.”

New Scene: After
it seemed like Stephannie was the next to go, the women approached Nate
with their plan to vote out J.P. Nate’s response: “Oh! No. No. No. You
guys are stupid.”

New Scene: Before
Tribal Council, J.P. hugged Stephannie and said goodbye, as he thought
it was a foregone conclusion that she was going. To his tribemates,
J.P. said, “I think this will be the hardest vote ever.”

Voted Out: J.P.
Select Final Words: “Everyone that I trusted…ended up not working out for me.”

Episode Five

New Scene: Raro won some spices and wine at the Reward Challenge. That night, Nate said, “We got some wine. We’re gettin’ our fade on.”

tribe sat around the fire and shared the booze. After only a few sips,
Stephannie swayed drunkenly and tipped over. Parvati said, “She’s
talking nonsense and almost passing out. It’s really cute.” (Drunk
Stephannie sounds a lot like my two-year-old niece, after eight p.m.)

New Scene: At
Aitu, Ozzy couldn’t get Jenny, Becky, or Sundra to come fishing with
him. Candice said she wanted to sit on the beach, and not go back out
into the cold water. “I only get one-eighth of the fish that I catch,”
Ozzy groused.

Cao Boi said the women’s lazy ways would come back to haunt them. “Watch out. There’s a knife poised at your back at all times.”

Voted out: Stephannie.
Select Final Words: “What took me out of the game was the emotional aspect of missing my family.”

Episode Six

New Scene: After
a Tribal Council in which her tribemates called her out for being
bossy, Cristina told Jenny and Adam, “I’m not a robot.” Jenny played
nice, but Adam vowed to keep calling people out on their bad behavior.

Voted Out: Cao Boi.
Select Final Words: “I thought [the other Asians’] parents had taught them…about not screwing someone over.”

Voted Out: Cristina.
Select Final Words: “I would do it all over again.” Well, you can’t.

Next week: Nate’s temporary tribe membership causes stress for Aitu. Ozzy catches more fish. And there’s a storm at Exile Island.