DwtS 3, Week 7: Results Show

Finally, Jerry Springer gets to relax. He was eliminated at the end of this week’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show.

last night’s performances, Kym was most impressed by Jerry’s Mambo
outfit. “I got myself an old hottie,” she said proudly.

And Joey
was moved when Bruno said that Gene Kelly would’ve been pleased with
his “Singin’ in the Rain” routine. Joey said, “It felt good in a real
deep part of my body.”

The judges had a tough decision regarding
who would receive the encore. “We were absolutely spoiled for choice,”
Len said.They awarded the encore to the only dance to receive a perfect
score from Len: Emmitt & Cheryl’s Mambo. “Two of us gave him a ten,
and one of us gave him a nine…Bruno.” The routine was just as
shimmy-riffic the second time around.

Then it was time for this
evening’s promotional, er, musical guest to perform. Martina McBride —
who, coincidentally, will perform at the Country Music Awards
on ABC in a few weeks — performed her 2003 hit, “This One’s For the
Girls.” Some unspecified dancers performed a routine behind Martina.

Martina and crew left the floor, Samantha spoke with some of the
celebrities backstage about all of the 10s awarded last night. Emmitt
said, “To get a 10 from Len is unexpected. It felt great.” Monique was
upbeat, despite not earning a 10 herself: “Everyone who got a 10 last
night deserved it. I’ll strive for one next week.”

When asked if he was disappointed with his scores from the judges, Jerry said, “They can’t give me a 10.”

night’s studio audience had opinions about the scoring as well. In
regard to the 9 that Bruno gave Emmitt’s Mambo, Food Network star
Rachel Ray said, “He got so ripped off.”

Another audience member fell hard for Joey: “Love that bald head. Wanna rub it.” And some had plans for Jerry after he left DwtS: “Jerry should be the poster boy for AARP.”

Then the first safe couples were announced, and, to nobody’s surprise, they were Mario & Karina and Emmitt & Cheryl.

highlight of the night was a performance by some of Maksim’s students,
including his younger brother, Valentin. The students did a Cha Cha to
Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” complete with some sweet moonwalking.
Corey Feldman is so jealous.

After the performance, Samantha
checked in with the two safe couples. She asked Mario if he was
concerned that the other couples were gaining momentum. “We’ve been
concerned since day one,” he replied.

Samantha asked Emmitt if
he and Cheryl had saved their strong routines to get higher scores
later in the competition. Emmitt said, “We’ve come out every week trying to get a good score.”

Then it was time for an update on Tysonia, the Slim-Fast lady. She visited the DwtS
studios to meet the contestants. She got dancing tips from Kym, Karina,
and Cheryl, and Max dipped her. The visit was inspiration for Tysonia’s
Paso Doble, which she performed in front of strangers at a pedestrian

Martina McBride returned for her second performance of the
evening, this time accompanied by Edyta and her fiance, Season One champ,
Alec Mazo. Edyta looked about as country as a Polish-born ballroom
queen possibly can — wearing a cowboy hat, chaps-like leg warmers, and
an outfit best described as a cowgirl bikini.

During the song,
the cameras spent a bit too much time focused on Martina, and Edyta
& Alec were nowhere to be seen. It was an unfortunate reminder
that, sometimes, its more important for networks to cross-promote their other shows than it is for them to promote the show that’s actually being aired.

The performance was followed by some behind-the-scenes video clips, featuring the men of DwtS.
When he signed up for the show, Mario’s biggest concern was that he
wouldn’t look masculine. Joey’s brother’s teased him initially, but now
they ask him for dancing tips. “I’ll teach you how to do a ‘Cucaracha,’
fellas,” Joey promised.

The male celebs were happy to learn that the male pros were regular guys. They all sat together during lunch and watched ESPN.

developed a stock response to guys who suggest that real men don’t
dance. Emmitt said, “Real men try to do things that they think they
cannot do.”

In another clip package, some stars from the two previous DwtS
seasons offered their thoughts on having to learn two dances in one
week. Jerry Rice said, “I can really relate to Jerry Springer. I was
like, you mean I have to learn two dances?”

Lisa Rinna admitted that two dances put stress on the pro/celeb relationship: “Louis and I hated each other!”

Jerry Rice said, “You can compare it to football. You get in the playoffs, and you have one bad game… It’s over.”

Before revealing which couples were in the Bottom Two, Samantha announced that the DwtS Tour information is now available online.
The couples on the tour will be Willa & Max, Joey & Edyta,
Harry & Ashly, Cheryl & Drew, Lisa & Louis, and Joey
McIntyre dancing with Kym (Ashly was his original partner in Season

Then, the Bottom Two were announced: Jerry & Kym and
Monique & Louis. The fans had heeded Jerry’s request to vote for
the competitors, so he was sent home.

As Jerry shook the hands
of the judges, and the crowd cheered, Tom observed, “I would expect
they’re cheering a different Jerry Springer than they thought they knew
seven weeks ago.”

Jerry looked at the camera and said, “Thank you for letting me go home.”

he got a little emotional. “I hope everyone has a moment in life
where…,” and Jerry turned away as he started to cry. He continued,
“This show and this floor belong to people who really can dance.”

Kym said of Jerry, “I’ve had so much fun. He’s just the nicest man I’ve ever met. He’s been able to do pretty much every dance.”

told Kym that he and his wife “already have the greatest daughter in
the world. But, if Katie would have a sister, Micki and I would adopt

Tom asked if Katie called Jerry after last night’s
performance. Jerry said, “She calls every week to say, ‘I love you, but
I’m coming to take you home.'”

Jerry hesitated as the band
started to play “My Way,” and Kym urged him to the dance floor. Jerry
grabbed a mic, pointed to the other celebs, and said of Kym, “She came
all the way from Australia. Let her dance at least one dance with one
of these guys.”

But Kym got her way, and she and Jerry danced
for a few seconds, before the rest of the competitors came over to hug
the departing couple.