DwtS In-Season Update: 11-04-06

There’s a lot happening at My Ox Is Broken. First, we’re heading to Los Angeles, where I’ll be in the audience for Tuesday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars! I’ll be hanging with my pals Eva Longoria and John Salley — provided I can elude their security guards. My husband/webmaster, Greg, will be writing that evening’s recap and posting the videos. He may not know dancing; but he knows what he likes (Edyta). I’ll file a behind-the-scenes report later in the week.

Second, Jerry Springer was kind enough to grant me an interview on Friday. I’ll be posting the transcript this week from my swanky hotel suite. They have suites at the Ramada, right?

On to the power rankings…

3. Joey Lawrence & Edyta Sliwinska
Joey & Edyta are a great couple, but Mario’s got the moves, and Emmitt’s got the fans. Joey’s probably the odd man out this week, no matter how cool Edyta’s outfits are. To stay in, they’ve got to keep their scores right up with Mario & Karina’s, and then hope the audience finds them more likable.

2. Mario Lopez & Karina Smirnoff
Mario could be poised for a fall–just like last season’s most naturally talented dancer, Stacy. Mario’s been on top long enough that he’s started to expect it, and it’s coming across to some fans as cockiness.

Even the judges are starting to have their doubts about Mario & Karina. In an interview with Extra, Carrie Ann gave Emmitt & Cheryl the edge. And Len said, “My brain, at this stage, is saying Mario will win. My heart is saying Emmitt will win.” When the competition is likely to come down to audience votes, the heart could win out.

1. Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke
Emmitt & Cheryl are still improving each week, with exciting and memorable routines. They’re peaking at the right time. If Cheryl can put together a freestyle routine for the finale that’s half as good as last season’s “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” they could have it in the bag.

Other DwtS News:
People has a new weekly update, and Access Hollywood’s Dish of Salt blog reveals that ousted celeb Shanna Moakler and her professional partner, Jesse DeSoto, might be romantically involved.

Tickets for the Dancing with the Stars Tour are now on sale to the public through Ticketmaster. American Express is offering its Gold Card members special offers for floorside tables at some of the events.

In order to clear up some confusion surrounding the Dancing with the Stars tour, Ashly DelGrosso posted this at her website:
“I have received many emails regarding the DWS tour and conflicting information about whether I will be on it. I wanted to let everyone know that contrary to some advertising I will not be performing on this tour. I am not sure why the tour is being advertised with my name as a performer and I apologize for any inconvenience to those of you who’ve purchased tickets based on misinformation that I would be attending. Thanks again for all of your support. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.