TAR 10: Episode 8

Twice this season, Kentuckians David & Mary were the last team to
the Pit Stop. And twice, they’d been spared. This week, David &
Mary actually beat a team to the finish. But a 30-minute penalty bumped
them into last place — and off of The Amazing Race.

episode opened with teams leaving Mauritius for nearby Madagascar.
Beauty Queens Dustin & Kandice started out in first place, and
David & Mary were in last. The Kentuckians needed to finish in
first place this week, or else they’d suffer the aforementioned
30-minute penalty for coming in last place during the previous
episode’s non-elimination leg.

All the teams caught the same 11
a.m. flight to Madagascar, where they arrived to find a new twist in
the game: the Intersection. An Intersection forces two teams to work
together until informed otherwise.

Models Tyler & James
paired up with Dating couple Rob & Kimberly, forcing the distrusted
Beauty Queens to work with one of the members of the 6-Pack: The Chos,
the Alabama Moms, and David & Mary.

In this case, being
despised by their competitors worked in Dustin & Kandice’s favor.
Lyn & Karlyn and David & Mary paired up, leaving the Beauty
Queens to work with the younger, fitter Cho Brothers.

The clue
at the Intersection contained two clues: a Detour and a Fast Forward,
which could benefit (or not) the both teams attempting to complete it.

Intersected squad of Tyler & James and Rob & Kimberly opted to
go for the fast Forward. They rode to a market to discover they’d be
dining on a local delicacy: cow lips. Kimberly pointed out that the
cooked lips still had teeth and hair attached. Each person had to eat
an entire plate full of lips, and it wasn’t long before barfing ensued.

other teams had already undertaken the Fast Forward, Lyn & Karlyn
convinced David & Mary to skip it and just go for the Detour.

Bama/Tucky and Cho/Queens chose to do the Detour task “Long Sleep,” in
which teams needed to cover eight large, foam mattresses in fabric and
deliver them to house. No one chose the other task, which required
teams to make 28 sheets of decorative paper, using traditional methods.

Chos and the Beauty Queens had a relatively easy time carrying their
large mattresses through the narrow streets and alleys of Madagascar’s
capital city, Antananarivo. David & Mary and Lyn & Karlyn tried
to carry their mattresses in a single giant stack through traffic,
succeeding only in dropping the mattresses on top of unsuspecting

Once the mattresses were delivered, teams received a
clue freeing them from working with their partner team and directing
them to a Roadblock. One team member needed to search through a market
for four rubber stamps — car, boat, plane, and train — sold by four
separate stamp dealers. The non-Roadblocking team member went ahead to
the Pit Stop to wait.

As Dustin and Godwin began their stamp
searches, Tyler & James and Rob & Kimberly were still munching
on cow lips. James discovered an unknown gift: an astounding ability to
eat large amounts of gross food quickly. He finished his lips well
ahead of Rob, who was followed by Tyler.

A crowd of locals
watched Kimberly throw up every few minutes, until she eventually ate
the last of her lips. Task completed, the team partnership was
dissolved, and both pairs drove to the Pit Stop in separate cabs.

moments before Tyler & James reached the Pit Stop at Andohalo
Cathedral, Dustin arrived and rejoined Kandice. They stepped on the mat
in first place, for the second week in a row. For finishing in first
place, they won a trip to Hawaii, complete with a helicopter tour over
an active volcano.

Tyler & James finished in second place,
followed by Rob & Kimberly in third. All those cow lips (and teeth
and hair) couldn’t have been worth it for second and third place.

arrived at the Pit Stop and met up with Erwin, giving the Chos a fourth
place finish. That left David and Karlyn to wait to see which of their
partners would arrive first.

Mary reached the Pit Stop, and
their 30-minute penalty started when she and David stepped on the mat.
With 20 minutes remaining on the penalty, Lyn arrived, so David &
Mary were eliminated.

It was an emotional goodbye for the two
sets of friends, but Mary stayed upbeat. She said she’s proud to be
from Kentucky, but she looked forward to showing her kids the wider
world. “I don’t want my kids to be like me,” said Mary. “I want my kids
to experience life.”

Next week, Lyn & Karlyn get emotional
after watching videos from their kids. And racers get stuck in a “muddy
situation.” Here’s a hint: it involves mud.