Thoughts on Beauty and the Geek 3

I followed the first two seasons of Beauty and the Geek because it was a charming, harmless show featuring my kind of people: geeks. But the third season is sorely lacking the very charm that made it a success.

fact, this season has somehow managed to lack authenticity, while reinforcing the stereotypes it intends to break.
The cast confirms the perception that pretty women are intellectually
uninterested, cliquish, and vindictive. And the nerds in their lives
don’t stand a chance.

All of the blonde women of this season
ganged up on the non-blondes, who preferred studying for the challenges
to socializing and lounging pool-side. When any of the brunettes tried
to stand up to the blonde bullies, they were further humiliated and
targeted with vengeful retribution.

Those of us who witnessed
the same cliquish behavior in high school certainly don’t need to
relive it on television — especially not when it comes from women in
their mid-to-late twenties (Cecille, Erin, Nadia, and Megan are all 25
or older).

While this season has been dominated by the
relationships between the women, the men have been bland and
uninspiring. There’s no one to root for, because the men don’t seem to
be learning much about themselves or forging friendships with their

I’m even inclined to believe that at least a couple of
the geeks, specifically Niels and Nate, are frauds. While their
interests are a little out there, they are not socially inept — a
necessary attribute of a true geek.

Niels is a PhD candidate too
busy for an active social life; he’s not a recluse. And, in his regular
life, Nate is confident enough to play in a rock band and perform
original stand-up comedy material.

What really gives Nate away is the verse he sang in the show’s promos. His Star Wars-inspired band has a song with the following lyrics: “Han Solo can’t help with my fate. He’s still blind from the carbonate.”

Any Star Wars fan worth his or her salt knows that Han Solo was frozen in carbonite, not carbonate. Nate is either only a casual fan of the series, or he took liberty with the Star Wars canon — which, if you’re a geek, you simply do not do.

two seasons, it would be nearly impossible to cast the series with
authentic bubble-headed babes (more sweet and naive than stupid and
mean) and timid dweebs. Everyone applying for the show knows what is
expected, and they all play up those attributes.

Beauty and the Geek was a nice show when it started, but it’s run its course.