TAR All-Stars: Episode 3

Tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race: All-Stars
proved what many of us had long suspected: David & Mary are nothing
without their buddies from last season, the Cho Brothers.

started the leg in Calama, Chile, and they headed to the airport in the
middle of the night to book flights to Puerto Montt, Chile. Race
leaders Rob & Amber found an all-night travel agency and booked
seats on a flight that arrived at 12:55 the following afternoon.

the airport, Uchenna & Joyce announced to the other teams present
— Ozzy & Danny, Eric & Danielle, and the Guidos, Joe &
Bill — that they were going to find a hotel with an Internet
connection. They offered to book seats online for the other teams, who
then wrote their credit card information on slips of paper.

the Guidos were the only team to write down their credit card’s
security code, so they were the only other team Uchenna & Joyce
could buy tickets for.

Eric & Danielle were first in line
when the airport ticket counters opened and were still able to get
tickets on the early flight. Everyone else wound up on a flight that
arrived one hour later.

In Puerto Montt, teams drove to a fish
farm for this leg’s Roadblock. One team member needed to use a basket
to transport 80 live flounder from a small breeding tank to a large
holding tank approximately 50 meters downhill.

regretted her choice to do the Roadblock as soon as she got near her
tank. She didn’t like fish to begin with, and being forced to catch
them with her bare hands didn’t help. She could barely hear Eric
calling her a “baby” over the sound of her own screaming.

Only a
few of the floppy fish would fit in the basket at once, so the fish
wranglers had to climb out of the tank frequently to lug their cargo to
the holding tank. Rob could only chuckle as Eric, with the utmost
sensitivity, encouraged Danielle to “use your boobs” to pin the fish
down as she carried them. She did.

Bill remained calm as he
lugged his cargo, bragging, “I’m the fish whisperer.” Ozzy urged his
partner to follow Bill’s lead, telling Danny in a serene voice, “Be the
fish. Become the fish.”

Once all of the fish were transported, a
clue written on the bottom of the tank became visible. The team member
who did the Roadblock had to get back in the tank to copy it down.

clue told teams to head toward the town of Petrohue, where they would
find a popular tourist spot along the way called La Maquina.

scanned the bottom of his tank too quickly and missed the part about
Petrohue. He and Joe drove around aimlessly, asking people where La
Maquina was (Nobody knew, as it was an hour away). Luckily for the
Guidos, they chanced upon Charla & Mirna — the last team to
complete the Roadblock — at a gas station.

When teams arrived
at La Maquina, they were given their choice of Detour tasks. Team
members could walk 200 yards to a rock face and each climb 40 feet, or
drive over two miles farther and raft through level-4 rapids.

of the teams chose the river rafting. Teri was the only racer to fall
in the water. Afterward, she said, “It was exciting to fall out of the

Beauty Queens Dustin & Kandice, who’ve had some
trouble navigating this season, made a potentially disastrous blunder.
They found the river rafting Detour before they found the La Maquina
clue that actually told them to do the Detour. Instead of realizing
they’d skipped a step, they jumped right into a raft.

When they came ashore, the clue they found directed them to the Pit Stop at a camp three miles up the road.

& Amber had already finished in first place (for the third
consecutive time), followed by Uchenna & Joyce and Eric &
Danielle. Host Phil Keoghan told the Beauty Queens that they couldn’t
check in until they retrieved the clue they’d missed.

for them, the girls figured out their mistake and returned with their
clue before any other teams had checked in. The were followed by Ozzy
& Danny and Teri & Ian.

Charla & Mirna and the
Guidos caught a break when Dave & Mary made a wrong turn, although
the cousins managed to squander almost all of the meager lead they had.

& Mirna were first into their raft, but the Guidos chased them down
the river. Then, Mirna realized she’d left their car keys in a tent
where they’d changed into their rafting gear. By the time she found the
keys, the Guidos had checked in, and David & Mary had almost caught


The Kentucky coal miner and his wife were the latest
victims in a very satisfying trend this season. Thus far, only the
weakest teams have been eliminated. Even when the stronger teams have
made mistakes, they haven’t been too costly — yet

Assuming that
the trend continues, Charla & Mirna could be the next team to go.
As entertaining as their manic overreactions and mangled attempts at
Spanish are, they’re just not racing as well as they did during Season 5.