Ox Notes: March 21, 2007

Sci Fi has its Tin Man
Neal McDonough will be playing the title character in SciFi’s Wizard of Oz remake, Tin Man. I’m a huge Neal McDonough fan, thanks to his stellar work as an alcoholic D.A. in Boomtown and a shell-shocked officer in Band of Brothers. It’ll be great to see him fronting a talented cast.

Survivor News
In honor of tonight’s special Wednesday airing of Survivor (8 p.m. Eastern), here’s a link to TV Guide’s interview with the most recently eliminated castaway: Rita. I’m not sure why I’m just learning this now, but she’s the sister of Project Runway‘s Nick Verreos.

Heather Mills the next Jerry Springer?
Probably not, but Jerry did offer his thoughts on the image-rejuvenating power of Dancing with the Stars, and its possible benefits for Ms. Mills. He could be right, but why on earth would someone who’s best known for being a charity campaigner (as we were frequently reminded during Monday’s show) need an image makeover?

Videos of Joey & Cheryl and Apolo & Julianne have been added to the DwtS 4, Week 1: Performance Show recap.

Good News for Gadget Heads
Apple TV boxes are heading to a store near you.