Survivor Fiji: Episode 6

After a tribal shakeup on Survivor: High School… er… Fiji, the rivalry between Rocky the jock and class nerd Anthony came to a head. Would the island be big enough for the two of them?

The two tribes, Moto and Ravu, arrived at what they assumed would be a Reward Challenge, only to be told to drop their tribal buffs. When Earl and Edgardo stepped forward to represent their teams, host Jeff Probst informed them that they’d be selecting brand new tribes.

Alternating by selecting a member of the opposite tribe, two new teams were created:
1) Edgardo, Mookie, Alex, Rocky, Dreamz, Anthony
2) Earl, Boo, Michelle, Cassandra, Yau-Man, Stacy

That left Lisi the odd woman out, and since she’d just witnessed the dismantling of her alliance and all of her hopes of winning, she was excited by the prospect of being sent home immediately.

Only she wasn’t going home. She was going to Exile Island. She’d remain there until after the next Tribal Council, when she would join whichever team lost a member at Tribal Council.

Lisi made the mistake of whining about not getting a ticket out of Fiji, and Jeff made sure her new team understood that she’d just given them the perfect reason to get rid of her. She sulked her way over to Exile Island, where she sulked some more.

The rights to the good camp were determined by which buff Edgardo pulled out of a bag. He pulled the Ravu buff, and he and the boys were off to the crummy camp.

There they celebrated the fact that there wasn’t a woman around — before assigning that role to Anthony. He stayed at camp tending to the fire and wondering why chocolate always goes straight to his thighs, while the manly men of masculinity went out to fish, hunt for crabs, and break shit. Like men do.

At the Immunity Challenge, teams were equally matched in a game of wits. All six members of each tribe were tied together and had to carefully weave through an obstacle course, which looked like a knocked-over Pachinko machine (or if you’re a Price is Right fan, a Plinko board). Earl’s Moto tribe edged out Ravu for the victory, continuing Moto’s undefeated streak.

Anthony seemed the obvious boot for Ravu, but he did his best to point out exactly how annoying Rocky was. Despite Anthony’s perceived weakness, he ran the camp almost single-handedly. Meanwhile, Rocky bossed people around and avoided doing any work himself.

At Tribal Council, Rocky used the occasion to give Anthony a decidedly unmotivating "be a man" speech. Yet every time Anthony tried to speak up for himself, Rocky interrupted him. After Rocky called him "effeminate" a few too many times, Anthony said he hadn’t realize that he needed to act like a loudmouthed jerk to earn Rocky’s respect.

Even though Alex, Edgardo, Mookie, and Dreamz had to know that they would soon regret it, they voted out Anthony and kept Rocky. How anyone can stand listening to that guy for five minutes — let alone several days — is beyond me.

Next week, when Survivor returns to its regular Thursday night timeslot, Yau-Man looks for the Immunity Idol. And Lisi brings her feminine charms to Ravu camp, much to the dismay of Dreamz.