Ox Notes: March 22, 2007

Charles in Charge… For A Few Weeks, Anyway
Fans of Sports Night — possibly the perfect television series (which makes Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 all the more disappointing) — will be pleased to see Josh Charles join ABC’s Six Degrees on April 13. Sadly, his run will be short-lived, as it’s pretty much a lock that the show won’t be back next season.

Sanjaya: Extended Remix 
Even after all of ABC’s efforts to avoid putting Dancing with the Stars up against American Idol, Fox still found a way to make DwtS pay. Tuesday night’s episode of Idol will run an extra seven minutes — overlapping the beginning of DwtS 4’s first Results Show.

Anthony & Rocky — BFFs?
Not exactly. In an interview with Buddy TV, last night’s Survivor: Fiji castoff, Anthony Robinson, reveals that he’s not pulling for Rocky to win the million dollars.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night
Chicago area fans of Smallville and Supernatural who were surprised to see their shows replaced by Chicago Bulls basketball tonight, fear not. Both new episodes will air Saturday night on WGN at 7 and 8 p.m. CST.

Follow that up with a PBS repeat of the America’s Ballroom Challenge 2007 Grand Finale at 9, and Saturday Night Live hosted by Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning (who cut his comedic teeth telling others to cut meat), and you’ve got my idea of a fun Saturday night. And, yes, I know exactly how uncool I sound.