Survivor Fiji: Episode 8

Dreamz and Mookie had their best moments of the season in this episode of Survivor: Fiji. Unfortunately for Ravu, those moments didn’t come during either of the challenges.

When we last left Ravu, they’d just voted off Rocky, and Lisi had foolishly told Alex and Edgardo the clues to the location of the Immunity Idol. As Lisi and Dreamz slept, Alex, Edgardo, and Mookie began to dig.

Mookie unearthed the Idol, and the three guys ran in to the jungle to celebrate. They agreed to use the Idol whenever any of the three of them was in danger, and they decided not to tell Lisi or Dreamz that they’d found it.

Lisi awoke to find Mookie concealing the evidence of his excavating. She felt more than a little superior when she got him to admit (lie) that he was still looking for the Idol. Lisi said, "You’re gonna have to wake up really, really early to fool an old cat like me."

When Lisi decided to look for the Idol herself a little later in the day, Mookie laughed inwardly — and, during his first entertaining interview of the season, outwardly — as he generously offered to help her dig throughout the afternoon.

That afternoon, both tribes were joined by some locals who taught them a traditional Fijian warrior’s dance in preparation for Survivor‘s first dance contest. Both teams had to perform their routine in front of a bunch of villagers, and the best dancers were treated to a traditional feast.

Yau-Man confessed to having no rhythm, so he sat out for Moto. Earl lead the team and had rhythm to spare. I can almost guarantee that Earl will be asked to do his warrior dance at every wedding or party he goes to for the rest of his life.

Ravu, on the other extreme, was a total mess. Alex and Dreamz looked like they were the only ones paying attention during practice. The Fijian version of Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno awarded Moto a (metaphorical) tacky mirror ball trophy, and the winning tribe dined and danced with the villagers.

Moto sent Lisi back to Exile Island, where she pouted the cold, rainy night away. "I don’t want to be here," moped Lisi. "This sucks. I feel like quitting."

At Moto’s camp the next morning, Michelle and Earl met up for their daily morning meeting. Michelle is Earl’s spy around camp, and she told him that, in the event of a merge, Stacy was probably more likely than Boo to try to hook back up with her old tribe. If they lost the Immunity Challenge that day, Stacy would be voted out.

The Immunity Challenge tested the tribes in the use of traditional weapons. Everyone except for Cassandra, who was sitting out the challenge, would have one attempt with each weapon, and the team that came closest to the center of the target won that round.

This kind of challenge would seem to favor young, strong men with good accuracy, and Ravu had four of them. Edgardo, who had experience with archery, was the last one to go for Ravu, and Earl was last for Moto.

The first challenge, blow darts, was worth one point. Ravu went first, but none of them was able to beat Boo’s bullseye shot. Moto won the point, and Earl never even had to take his turn.

Then it was on to spears, worth two points. Dreamz and Yau-Man were the only contenders to ever hit the target, and Yau-Man had the better throw. Another two points for Moto, and Earl got to sit out another round.

The last round was worth three points — Ravu’s last chance to force a tie. Fortunately for them, the contest was archery, which, according to Edgardo, is a specialty of his.

Most of the contestant’s shots fell woefully short of the target. Yau-Man took his time selecting the straightest arrow, and his arrow landed near the middle of the target.

Finally, it was all up to Edgardo. As his hands shook, it was obvious what was about to happen. The arrow didn’t come near the target, and Moto won Immunity — without any participation from their anchor, Earl.

When Ravu returned to their camp, Lisi pulled Alex aside and told him that she wanted out. "I don’t see the need to push myself any further," said Lisi. The Ravu men discussed her decision and agreed to vote for her at Tribal Council.

About ten minutes before they were supposed to leave for Tribal Council, Lisi had a change of heart and decided that it was her duty to make sure Dreamz was eliminated. She told Alex and Edgardo, who were surprised by the turn. Alex said, "I throw my hands up in despair, as if to say, ‘What the hell?’"

But then at Tribal Council, Lisi told Jeff Probst that she wasn’t sure she wanted to stay. The best argument she could give her team for keeping her was, "Give me a chance. Let me see what happens."

That was not good enough for Dreamz. He asked everyone else on the team if they wanted to keep playing, and they all said yes immediately.

To prove just how badly he wanted to win, Dreamz told Jeff, "If I die, recipitate me at the finish line!"

Jeff just smiled, nodded, and silently told himself to check or later, just to make sure "recipitate" isn’t a real word.

The men of Ravu united and voted for Lisi. In her exit interview, she called her teammates "losers" and tried to convince herself that she was really the smart one: "When the ship is sinking, you get off the ship."

So now the jury is made up of Rocky and Lisi, the two most bitter people of the entire season. They should have an awfully fun time together until the next jury member joins them.

Next week, the teams are told to bring their belongings to Exile Island for a "shocking twist."