Ox Notes: April 4, 2007

DwtS News
After a rather bland week of dances, and with a pretty obvious elimination to come, the Dancing with the Stars Results Show shed three million viewers, week to week. Check out Access Hollywood for a behind the scenes report from this week’s Performance Show, and TV Guide for backstage coverage of the Results Show.

E! News reports that Heather Mills is enjoying the boost her image is taken as a result of Dancing with the Stars. On the perception that she married Paul McCartney for his money, she said, "The biggest insult was to Paul, because it’s just like saying he’s so stupid that he would just be with somebody like that." Not a bad point.

C-SPAN: Cable’s Home for Comedy
The fine camera operators at C-SPAN are responsible for this hilarious video of Dick Cheney lurking in the bushes during a speech by President Bush. That reminds me; if you’ve never seen an episode The Prime Minister’s Questions, you should watch British Prime Minister Tony Blair get heckled by members of Parliament at C-SPAN’s website.

Hail to the Hansens
The premiere of The Deadliest Catch Season 3 was as compelling as any previous season. By the end of the first episode, the crab fishing fleet was out to sea, and the Coast Guard had already been called for its first rescue. They found one crewman alive, but three more were still missing.

If you missed last night’s premiere, fear not: the Discovery Channel will re-air the show several times this week. Once you’ve seen it, you will be drawn in by the inexplicable allure of the Hansen brothers, Sig and Edgar. Captain Sig has yet to refer to his crew as "robots" this season, but he did convince Edgar to sneak aboard a rookie captain’s vessel and hide a rotting fish in the wheelhouse.

Once you’ve fallen under their spell, you will need Hansen merchandise, available through the Fishing Vessel Northwestern website. True collectors will want to purchase a Norman Hansen mug, featuring a photo of the third, rarely seen Hansen brother.