DwtS 4, Week 5: Results Show

At least one of the Dancing with the Stars celebrities had prepared for a spot in the Bottom Two this week. Clyde was more than ready to trade in his dance shoes for golf spikes. However, the other celeb at risk of elimination was a bit of a surprise.

After a recap of last night’s performances, the judges asked Apolo & Julianne for an encore of their 30-point Samba. Comedian Kathy Griffin was seated floorside — trying to persuade the producers to appear on Season 5, I hope.

Next week, the couples will be dancing a group Swing routine, and, to demonstrate, dancers from the DwtS tour performed to the song "Zoot Suit Riot." The group included Edyta, Cheryl, Julianne, Alec, and Brian, as well as Louis van Amstel, tour pro Annette Nicole, and Christian Perry (the pro from last season’s Slim-Fast Challenge).

As the dancers caught their breath, Samantha Harris caught up with some of the celebrities, backstage. She asked Heather how she recovered from her fall at the end of last night’s routine. Heather replied matter-of-factly, "Just jump up."

During a segment featuring comments from last night’s audience, Lance Bass mentioned how impressed he was by Heather’s recovery: "She handled it very well." Retired boxer Sugar Ray Leonard was pulling for fellow boxer Laila.

And Florence Henderson has set her sites on a younger man: "I thought that little Apolo… he’s one hot little number, isn’t he?" Yes, and I’m sure he appreciates being called "little," twice — by Mrs. Brady, no less.

After that, the first two safe couples were announced. Laila & Maks were almost a given, but even John & Edyta were surprised when their own names were called. Edyta gasped and covered her mouth with her hands before embracing a very smiley John.

Samantha asked John if having fun on the dance floor helped them in the voting, and he replied, "That, and the baby boom." Laila was confident that she and Maksim could earn a perfect score from the judges. Maks revealed his long term plan: "We’ll take it one 10 at a time."

The next performance of the night came from Season 2 contestant Lisa Rinna, who’s starring in a new Broadway production of the popular musical, Chicago. She danced with a group of male dancers, and she sang as well — although I think the vocals were prerecorded.

Macy Gray was up next, performing her new song "Finally Made Me Happy." She wasn’t accompanied by any dancers, but she did have a sparkly microphone stand.

The performance was followed by a day in the life of the show’s makeup artists and hair stylists. Just like the costume designers, they have to design new looks for each performance. On show days, the female stars and dancers have to arrive at 8 a.m., and each of them spends at least three hours having hair done and makeup applied.

The men don’t spend nearly as long in the chair, but they all do wear makeup. Clyde has it easiest of all: "My hair takes about a minute… My makeup doesn’t take that long. I don’t have to do any spray tanning. I’m pretty lucky in that department."

Then, two of the highest-scoring couples, Apolo & Julianne and Joey & Kym, were told they’d be back next week.

Before the fates of the last four couples were announced, the stars were featured in a segment about the judges. Ian said that facing the judges make him feel "like I just ate a bug." Laila prefers the control she has in her day job: "I usually just knock someone out and handle it myself."

When they’re not confused by the judges’ accents, some of the stars worry that they’re going to say something nasty back to the judges. Heather especially likes it when the judges fight amongst themselves. Billy Ray confessed, "I’m secretly longing for an 8. If I get an 8, then I have reached my goal, and I can go home."

Finally, Ian & Cheryl and Billy Ray & Karina were told they’d be back next week, meaning that Clyde & Elena and Heather & Jonathan were in the Bottom Two. Heather held Clyde’s hand as they waited for the verdict.

Clyde & Elena were eliminated, but Clyde didn’t seem that upset: "I have tee times set up for the next week." He thanked Elena, the fans, and the judges before the couple danced their final dance, to Boyz II Men’s "End of the Road."