Ox Notes: April 18, 2007

DwtS News
Kathy Griffin, in the audience of this week’s Results Show, told People she hopes to work on a project with Apolo Anton Ohno: "I would like to do Making Out with the Stars, a new series I’m pitching to him — and him alone — where it’s just a show where he and I make out for an hour."

Kathy also told TV Guide that she will not be competing on a future edition of Dancing with the Stars. Macy Gray said that she’s not interested either.

According to Lisa Saltman, Billy Ray felt attacked by the judges during Monday night’s show. And Heather Mills said in her blog that she was supposed to balance on the other leg at the end of their routine. She and Jonathan Roberts will be dancing the Paso Doble at the next Performance Show.

Ambitious Bob Geldof Project
Bob Geldof and the BBC are undertaking "the biggest sociological and anthropological project in the history of the world." The BBC will create a high-def series — akin to their Blue Planet and Planet Earth series — called Human Planet, which will air in 2010.

In addition, the BBC is working with Geldof’s production company to create a Dictionary of Man, which will record the history of every human society in 900 half-hour films. I can’t imagine what it would be like to plan for something like this, but I’m definitely eager to watch.

Mark Burnett’s newest reality TV endeavor, Pirate Master, premieres on May 31 on CBS, and he gave TV Guide the scoop on the swashbuckling series. As soon as promotions for the show start in earnest, I’m sure I’ll be hooked.

The next season of Survivor, one of Burnett’s other creations, will be filmed in China.