Ox Notes: April 19, 2007

Red Carpet Rinna
Joan and Melissa Rivers, regular features at entertainment awards pre-shows, have been replaced by Lisa Rinna. Rinna takes over the red carpet duties for the TV Guide Channel from them at September’s Emmy Awards.

What Not to Watch
According to the Yahoo! TV review of NBC’s new show, The Real Wedding Crashers, the show sounds like a real bore. The brides and grooms whose weddings are being "crashed" are in on the joke, so what’s the point?

Sports News
I know MOIB isn’t exactly the place you expect to read about pro sports, but bear with me. The television schedule for four of the Chicago Bulls first round playoff games against the Miami Heat has been released (all times Central Time):

  • Saturday, April 21: Miami at Bulls, 2 p.m. (ABC)
  • Tuesday, April 24: Miami at Bulls, 7 p.m. (CSN/TNT)
  • Friday, April 27: Bulls at Miami, 7 p.m. (ESPN)
  • Sunday, April 29: Bulls at Miami, noon (ABC)

There’s one reason why this news is important, even if you’re not a regular fan of basketball: Andres Nocioni. He’s a forward on the Bulls, and watching one of his games is enough to make you a fan of Noce, if not a fan of the NBA.

Nocioni has a (mostly) controlled wildness to his play that allows him to score on average 14 points per game, while simultaneously looking like he could fall over at any moment. He’s also one of the league’s most tenacious defenders, utterly unafraid of anyone.

He’s also my favorite interview. His slightly high-pitched voice (almost Peter Lorre-like), Argentinian accent, and humble demeanor make it easy to forget that he’s 6′ 7".

Noce is always tweaking opposing players, grabbing their jerseys and setting screens of questionable legality. In his rookie season, Nocioni even pulled the string from inside LeBron James’ waistband while guarding him. But he’s not a dirty player. Don’t believe me? Just ask him!

Back in the 2004-2005 season, Nocioni was the catalyst for one of the greatest basketball plays I’ve ever seen. The quality of this video isn’t so good, but the play is. Warning: You may not want to relive this if you’re a Knicks fan.