DwtS 4, Week 8: Results Show

Billy Ray & Karina’s ouster may have been predictable, but the whole cast appeared to be shocked by the couple that joined them in the Bottom Two.

To start the show, Tom Bergeron joked that, after last night’s antics, the judges were "held prisoner in a spa, just so they’d chill out." Len Goodman awarded the encore to Apolo & Julianne, for their perfect-scoring Paso Doble.

Nelly Furtado was tonight’s musical guest, and pros Tony & Elena danced to Furtado’s hit, "I’m Like a Bird."

The performance was followed by Samantha Harris interviewing a few of the couples backstage. Billy Ray was no longer upset about the judges comments, and he said, "Tonight is a celebration. I’m so happy to be here."

Then, last night’s studio audience offered their own opinions of the performances. That other guy from ‘N Sync had a prediction: "Ian might be in the Bottom Two. I just know that Joey won’t."

The highlight of the night was a brother versus brother dance-off between Maksim and Valentine Chmerkovskiy, accompanied by Karina and (Val’s competition partner) Valeriya Kozharinova. Maks has been Val’s primary coach for most of his life, so watching them dance side-by-side is like watching a couple of clones. The performance was totally entertaining — and Val had better turn pro soon, so that he can join the cast of DwtS.

Then it was time for another performance by Nelly Furtado. Pros Cheryl and Louis danced to a new Furtado song, "All Good Things" (which, despite my husband’s insistence, is not about the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode of the same name).

After announcing that Billy Ray & Karina were in the Bottom Two, Ian & Cheryl were told they were safe. That meant that one of the three teams to have earned a perfect score this season would be in the Bottom Two.

After a taped segment in which the stars talked about how hard it was to see their friends eliminated each week, it was time to find out which one of them was in danger. Laila & Maks and Apolo & Julianne were both safe, leaving Joey & Kym in the Bottom Two.

At that news, all of the couples looked positively confused. Joey & Kym’s drop to the Bottom Two should be a wake up call for all of the remaining dancers. You never know exactly how the fans will vote.

Billy Ray & Karina, who expected to be eliminated, were told they’d be leaving the show. Billy Ray asked the audience to give Karina a round of applause, and then Tom introduced a montage of clips of Billy Ray’s performances. I’m assuming that this will become a regular feature of the Results Show, and wasn’t just a special thing for Billy Ray.

The couple danced their final dance to REM’s "Everybody Hurts" — a song so dreadfully melancholy it wasn’t as ironically humorous as most of the Results Show outro songs.