Ox Notes: May 9, 2007

DwtS News
People filed a report from last night’s Results Show, in which Julianne Hough clarified a rumor that she’d called off her engagement to former ballroom dancer Zach Wilson. Apparently, they’ve just postponed the wedding.

Julianne, sweetie. You’re an 18-year-old in Hollywood, and you’re on your way to being the new "It Girl." Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are out of rehab and lookin’ for a new best friend. I’d put the wedding on hold for a couple of years. Now’s the time when you’re supposed to be irrevocably ruining your life.

In TV Guide’s behind-the scenes report, Billy Ray Cyrus said that he’d hoped dancing would get easier for him once he’d gained some experience, but it never did.

MOIB reader Mandy pointed out that this weekend’s new E! True Hollywood Story is about Dancing with the Stars. The episode premieres Saturday night at 6 EST, and reruns will air throughout the next week.

Drive Goes Out with a Bang
Fans of Nathan Fillion can catch the final two episodes of Drive when Fox airs them back-to-back on July 4th. If you’re like me, and you think that untrained goons armed with low-grade explosives and a neighborhood full of howling dogs are not a recipe for a happy holiday, this is the perfect excuse to stay indoors on Independence Day.

Virtual Big Brother
Electronic Arts has paired with Endemol, the company that produces Big Brother, for a project called Virtual Me. Players will be able to create avatars of themselves and participate in an online version of Big Brother. EA hopes to eventually expand Virtual Me with online versions of Deal or No Deal and other competitive reality shows.