Ox Notes: May 10, 2007

The Networks Miss You
Apparently, people are not watching as much TV as they used to, according to traditional measurement standards. CNN featured an interesting report about the decline in prime-time viewership, and the rise in the number of people recording and downloading shows — an advertisers worst nightmare.

Generally, the only shows I watch live are competitive reality shows — DwtS, Survivor, The Amazing Race. I almost always record or download shows like Veronica Mars, Smallville, Supernatural, and Heroes.

One method of TV viewing that the CNN article doesn’t mention is DVDs. After each new TV season, Greg and I wait to see which shows that we missed have the best buzz surrounding them. Then we take a mini-vacation and watch the entire season on DVD over the course of a few days. We’ve done that with The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, and the first season of Veronica Mars. For $50 per DVD set (or less, if your local library is up to snuff), it’s one of the cheapest vacations you can take.

Get the Band Back Together
American Idol is branching out from individual singers to musical groups. They’ve put together a new show entitled The Search for the Next Great American Band. There’s apparently no upper age limit for contestants apply, so you may finally be able to make those high school dreams of yours come true — even if you’ve now got grandkids in high school.

In honor of this weekend’s release of the film 28 Weeks Later, MSN featured an interesting retrospective of important zombie films. It unfortunately neglected to mention the wonderfully titled not-so-classic flick, I Eat Your Skinalthough it did give a nice synopsis of the pre-Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson film, Dead Alive.

Meanwhile, In Important Pizza Beard News
If you’re an NBA fan, you should be watching the the Golden State vs. Utah series — which has given us the best basketball of the postseason, so far. If you’re not an NBA fan, you can watch and show your support for Golden State point guard Baron Davis, who is totally dedicated to growing his own Oreo Pizza Beard:

Oreo Pizza Baron