Survivor Fiji: Episode 13

After Dreamz told his tribemates that none of the plans he’s previously suggested have worked, what made them think that his latest scheme would?

This week’s episode of Survivor: Fiji started with another example of the season’s predominant theme: dumb guys erroneously thinking they are clever. Boo created a secret path to the water well by matting down some long grasses. This way, if anyone came to the well to talk about a plan to vote him out, he’d be able to eavesdrop. He wouldn’t be able to do anything about their plan, but at least he’d know about it ahead of time.

While Boo was off creating his hiding place, everyone was back at camp (not the water well) talking about how they were going to get rid of him. Great plan, Boo.

The castaways got a piece of Tree Mail later that morning, with information about that day’s Reward Challenge. The reward was a new Ford F-350 pickup. Dreamz couldn’t stop talking about the fact that he was the only player who didn’t already own a car, and he all but begged his tribemates to let him win.

The challenge itself had two parts. For the first part, survivors were divided into two teams of three. Each team had to complete an obstacle course while attached to each other by a rope: navigate a series of see-saws, climb through a cargo net tower, uncover a buried hatchet, and chop a rope holding a crate over the pickup’s truckbed.

The first team to cut through their rope would get to take part in a reward activity, after moving on to the second part of the challenge to see who’d get the truck.

Earl, Cassandra, and Dreamz made up one team, Yau-Man, Stacy, and Boo the other. Earl and Dreamz put Cassandra in the middle and held her hands to steady her as they walked over the see-saws. Yau-Man fell off the see-saw several times, forcing his team to start over from the beginning, and allowing the other team to gain a big lead.

But once Yau-Man’s team final made it through the see-saws, they made up ground quickly. Boo pulled the much tinier Stacy and Yau-Man through the cargo-net tower, and then he ended up digging up their hatchet first.

Earl, Cassandra, and Dreamz sat out the next part of the challenge. The first finalist to throw an axe and chop through two ropes would be the winner.

Stacy didn’t have a prayer, under-throwing her target almost every time. Boo got the first cut, and Yau-Man soon followed. A few throws later, Boo grazed his second rope, but not enough to cut it. Yau-Man pounced on the opportunity, cut his second rope, and won yet another challenge.

Immediately, Yau-Man asked Jeff if he could make a deal. Jeff allowed it. Yau-Man told Dreamz he would give him the truck. However, in the event that Dreamz made it to the final four and won that Immunity Challenge, Dreamz would have to give his Immunity Idol to Yau-Man.

The deal depended upon Dreamz keeping his word, but if any of the remaining castaways would, it would be the childlike Dreamz, who (though unreliable) has tried to appease his elders, like Earl, Cassandra, and Yau-Man.

Dreamz said, "Yes!" without a second’s hesitation.

Yau-Man tossed the keys to Dreamz, who took Yau-Man’s spot next to Boo and Stacy. Since Yau-Man won the challenge, he also got to decide who would go to Exile Island. So Yau-Man picked himself.

A stunned, but amused, Jeff Probst said, "Yau-Man, you’re the first person in the history of Survivor to go from winning a truck, to not having a truck, to going to Exile Island. Boat’s waitin’ for ya."

Dreamz then got to put his new truck to use. Boo and Stacy piled in, and together they drove a crate of supplies and a trailer outfitted as a copy room/office/teacher’s lounge to a small, nearby school. Then, they got to eat a huge lunch with a classroom full of adorable Fijian kids.

Dreamz talked with some of the kids, who wanted to know if he liked Fiji. "It’s warm here. You ever been to America? It’s real cold over there."

The scholastic environment must have stimulated Dreamz’s mind. As he finished eating, he started thinking: "If I give Yau-Man Immunity off of my neck, then I’m gone. So the best thing for me to do is to get rid of him before he makes the final four." This plan would keep Dreamz from breaking his word to Yau-Man once at the final four. It was a pretty clever idea, actually.

It seemed like it wasn’t long after the winners returned before it was time for the Immunity Challenge. With each player standing on platforms just above the level of the water, they had to toss a ball connected to a rope through a metal ring, and then pull the ring and beam to which it was connected toward them.

The beam then served as a balance beam, which they crossed to the next platform. The first four across moved on to Round 2, and the top two from that round moved on to a final round.

Boo and Dreamz had the easiest time advancing to Round 2, and they were joined by Earl and Yau-Man (Cassandra actually tossed her ball and rope into the water and lost time swimming out to retrieve it).

It was no surprise when the two challenge fiends — Boo and Yau-Man — moved on to the final round. Boo won Immunity, ruining the alliance’s hopes for an easy elimination.

When the tribe returned to camp, Yau-Man told Earl about the newest clue to the whereabouts of the other hidden Immunity Idol; it was in a hollow pine tree. Earl went off to search for the idol, and Yau-Man went back to camp to gather information.

While Yau-Man and Earl were gone, Dreamz pulled Stacy and Cassandra aside and gave them this pitch: "Any plan that I’ve planned hasn’t worked out so far. But we gotta take Yau out."

Dreamz reasoned that Yau-Man would save his Hidden Immunity Idol until the next Tribal Council, because he believed everyone (save Stacy herself) was unanimous about voting out Stacy. That meant this was the tribe’s best chance to blindside Yau-Man.

Stacy, of course, was on board right away — and presumably so was Boo, once they told him. Cassandra was concerned that, if their plan backfired, she would’ve burned her bridges with the two men who’d gotten her this far in the game: Yau-Man and Earl. But her need to protect Dreamz (and her desire to get rid of Yau-Man) was paramount, so she agreed to the plan and kept it secret from Earl.

Yau-Man made the rounds, confirming with his alliance members that they’d be voting for Stacy (their original second choice after Boo). But he noticed that when he talked to Dreamz, Dreamz kept thanking him for the truck — almost as if he were saying goodbye.

When Earl returned from his hunting, Yau-Man told him, "I have bad vibes." But there was no need to worry — Earl had found the other Immunity Idol. Now they had two Idols between them, enough to save themselves until the final four, since Earl hasn’t seemed to be anyone’s target for elimination.

At Tribal Council, Stacy said just enough to confirm Yau-Man’s fears. She didn’t seem as worried as she should’ve been, and she said of that night’s vote, "I don’t think that it’s all gonna be a vote one way or the other. I think it’s gonna be split."

After the votes were cast, Jeff asked if anyone was going to use an Immunity Idol. Yau-Man waited a painfully long time before standing up and handing one of the Hidden Immunity Idols to Jeff. At that point, Stacy looked at her feet, and Dreamz put his face in his hands.

The four votes for Yau-Man were invalid, so the two votes for Stacy were the only ones that mattered. Chagrined, Stacy said, "Tonight I gambled… and I was out-voted."

The Survivor: Fiji finale takes place at 8 EST on Sunday night, followed by the Reunion Show at 10. And, contrary to what the promos say, all of your questions will not be answered.