Ox Notes: May 11, 2007

Fall 2007 Renewals
A few more shows from this season have been renewed, while some old stalwarts may be on the way out. Friday Night Lights is back, and Notes From the Underbelly likely will be as well. But Crossing Jordan is out, and it could be followed by Law & Order and Scrubs.

(Update: NBC has just announced that it will bring back
Scrubs. A smart move. Even if the ratings aren’t great, the show should do well in syndication and on DVD.)

This article at Yahoo!TV also describes a number of new shows in the works.

SYTYCD’s Schedule
So You Think You Can Dance
is back, and its first episode airs Thursday, May 24, at 8 EDT on Fox. The finale is slated for August 16. The full schedule is featured at BuddyTV.

Avoid Foreclosure
There’s no safer real estate investment right now than investing some time in watching the myriad house-flipping and house-selling shows on cable. Gary Strauss at USA Today complied a list of 16 of the most popular real estate shows.

While House Hunters International is great because it makes moving to Costa Rica look both fun and affordable, nothing is better than the beating the amateurs on Property Ladder take for their hubris. Newbies buy dumpy houses in bad areas, and are shocked when the plumbing projects they’d planned to save money on by doing it themselves wind up taking 3 months and can’t pass inspection.

The lesson: it’s almost always faster and cheaper to hire a professional.

Fashion Disasters
Kat Giantis of MSN Movies had a field day with some of the garish get-ups celebrities wore to the Costume Institute gala at the Met. Click here to see the unflattering photos, and enjoy the hilarious commentary while you’re at it.