Ox Notes: May 17, 2007

DwtS News
ABC has rearranged its Tuesday night schedule so that the two-hour Dancing with the Stars Finale will start at its regular time (9 EST). That means that the winner won’t be announced until just before 11 p.m.

USA Today featured an article on athletes and reality television, and Laila Ali is quoted several times.

Upfront News
Fox and the CW announced their fall schedules today — and Veronica Mars appears to be gone for good.

In reference to the most recent VM episode, Pitchfork Media posted an album review written by Piz.

Spanish-language network Univision also announced today that they’ll be producing 30 new shows, including a reality show about life in the circus.

And in case you wondered about the real reason behind the upfronts, it’s another place where celebrities can get free stuff. Lindsay Lohan grabbed seven pairs of sunglasses from one retailer because, allegedly, she wears a pair of sunglasses one time before throwing it out. Classy.

Ahoy, Indeed
After disgusting celebrity excess news, there’s only one thing that can cheer me up: Bruce Campbell.