Ox Notes: May 18, 2007

Dancing with the Stars News
The final three couples were on Larry King Live last night to talk about the season and Monday night’s final performances. In addition to their freestyle routines, the judges asked the couples to perform a specific dance style for the finals — although the dancers didn’t explain if these would be new or old routines. Joey & Kym will dance the Cha Cha Cha, Laila & Maksim the Paso Doble, and Apolo & Kym the Rumba.

Video clips from the DwtS cast’s appearance are available at the Larry King Live page at CNN.com.

National Bingo Night
If the endless promotions for National Bingo Night have convinced you to watch the premiere tonight, ABC has instructions on how you can play along at home.

Television Insanity
VH-1’s Best Week Ever has compiled at list of the 10 Greatest Completely Insane Television Shows of All Time. The list is dominated by beings from outer space, the coolest of which is undeniably Alf.

Gone Fishin’
Throughout the NBA playoffs, the hosts at TNT poke fun at teams as they are eliminated in a segment called Gone Fishin’ (a reference to what the players will be doing with their free time now that their seasons are over). The heads of (TNT co-host) Kenny Smith and stars from each losing team are PhotoShopped into a picture of regular — usually shirtless — guys holding up the fish they’ve caught.

NBA.com has posted a gallery of this season’s fishermen that’s worth taking a look at, even if you’re not a basketball fan. When the Washington Wizards were eliminated, Kenny and Wizards’ star Gilbert Arenas were pictured alongside George W. Bush and Dick Cheney — with Donald Rumsfeld floating in the water behind the boat.

The Chicago Bulls’ Fishin’ picture will be revealed on tonight’s broadcast, and I won’t be surprised to see Oprah reeling in a swordfish alongside Ben Gordon.

And Finally, For No Good Reason, There’s This…

Apropos of nothing