Ox Notes: June 4, 2007

Fox is hoping to score big tonight when Hell’s Kitchen returns for its third season. Anything to make up for the dismal ratings of On The Lot, which will now air only one episode per week instead of two.

Fans of Friday Night Lights will enjoy this essay by showrunner Jason Katims. It’s actually a good read for anyone interested in how a TV show is produced.

If you think you learned enough about being a producer from reading Katims’ essay and you’d like to pitch your own TV series to the networks, try using this TV Show Pitch Generator to find ideas for your pilot.

For example, how about this for a sci-fi series: "A neanderthal who is secretly gay is the last person on Earth, along with a forgetful taxidermist who eats inanimate objects. Stars Slim Pickens and Shaquille O’Neill." It couldn’t be any worse than On The Lot.