Ox Notes: June 5, 2007

During Eva Longoria’s stint as host of the ALMA Awards, which airs tonight at 9 EST on ABC, she went through 18 different outfits. She wore a little — and I mean little — red dress for the show’s opening number: a salsa dance with Mario Lopez.

Another show airing tonight is the premiere of the second season of America’s Got Talent, with new host Jerry Springer. Producer Simon Cowell has cast judges to play remarkably similar roles to the judges on American Idol: Piers Morgan returns in the role of cranky Brit, Sharon Osbourne is overly nice with everyone but Morgan, and David Hasselhoff will presumably refer to all of the contestants as "dawg." The show airs on NBC at 9 EST.

Slate features an interesting, Sopranos-inspired essay on why mafia hitmen leave their guns at crime scenes. Also at Slate, Sopranos writer and executive producer Terry Winter answers questions about the most recent episode. Be forewarned: both articles include plot spoilers.