Ox Notes: June 6, 2007

In advance of the Top Chef 3 premiere next Wednesday, Bravo is featuring a special competition between contestants from the two previous seasons. 4-Star All-Stars airs tonight at 10 EST, and there are preview clips available at Yahoo! TV.

Perry Farrell blames Dave Navarro and his duties on the now-defunct Rock Star for breaking up Jane’s Addiction. Farrell’s new band, Satellite Party, features former Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, who’s been MIA since 1992.

Something to add to your summer reading list: Neptune Noir, a collection of essays about Veronica Mars edited by show creator Rob Thomas.

And, finally, the cartoon Thundercats is going to be a live action film. Since the project was just announced by Warner Brothers, none of the parts have been cast. Do you have any suggestions? Perhaps Michael Clarke Duncan as Panthro, Patrick Stewart as Jaga, and Dakota Fanning as WilyKit?