SYTYCD 3: Vegas Round, Final Cut

After a final solo round, the judges eliminated sixteen contestants right away, leaving thirty-four still in the running. Unlike most of her fellow contestants, who were happy to have made it as far as they did, weepy Olivia was angry that she was forced to do so much work and spend time with people she hated, only to be cut.

Then the judges retired to deliberate over who to cast in the Top Twenty. When announcing their results, it would’ve been nice if the judges varied their responses a little bit. But, without fail, if they started their comments positively, the contestant was out; if the comments began negatively, the contestant was in.

The final spot in the boys’ top ten would go to either Hok or Twitch. Nigel said that both of them were kind of lousy at stuff other than hip-hop. The guys had become buddies during the course of the auditions, so they were both going to be sad no matter who made it. The spot went to Hok, and not my guy Twitch.

The final girls’ spot would go to Kristen or Lacey. Since two ballroom dancers had already made the cut, Lacey felt her chances were slim. But she made the final cut and had a hard time trying not to be ecstatic in front of Kristen.

The Top Twenty are as follows: Anya, Cedric, Ashley, Danny, Faina, Dominic, Jamie, Hok, Jessi, Jesus, Lacey, Jimmy, Lauren, Kameron, Sabra, Neil, Sara, Pasha, Shauna, and Ricky.