Ox Notes: June 13, 2007

Donald Trump is developing a new reality show called Lady or a Tramp, which sends party girls to charm school. The report at Variety says, "Trump will exec produce the show and possibly come on air to evaluate contestants’ progress." Possibly? As if there’s anything they can do to keep Trump off-camera and away from chicks.

George Takei and Wil Wheaton have launched a new online contest where fans can write and vote on scenes for a story called "Kirk vs. Picard." Follow this link to the official site, which features a video of Takei and Wheaton introducing the contest.

The Palm Beach Post featured an amusing behind-the-scenes account of the Sopranos finale party. Apparently, John Ratzenberger crashed the party: "I was in town to buy a boat, so I figured why not."

In other news of Dancing with the Stars alums, Joey McIntyre is going to be a dad. One of Joey’s tourmates this summer, Cheryl Burke, will be answering fans’ questions submitted to People.com.

Also, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Apolo Anton Ohno have been named to People’s Hottest Bachelors 2007 list, and the magazine’s website features a video of Maks demonstrating his most effective seduction technique: speaking in his native Russian.