SYTYCD 3, Top 20: Performance Show

So You Think You Can Dance 3’s top twenty dancers performed in pairs tonight. Here’s what each couple danced.

Jamie & Hok — Hip Hop
Song: Eve, "Tambourine"
Choreographer: Shane Sparks
Shane voiced his objections from the audience when Nigel said he thought the choreography held Hok back.

Anya & Danny — Jive
Song: Avril Lavigne, "Girlfriend"
Choreographer: Tony Meredith
Mary Murphy said that Anya just fell off the "hot tamale train." The couple looked great together.

Lacey & Kameron — Contemporary
Song: Elisa, "Dancing"
Choreographer: Mia Michaels
Nigel said, "You’ll be there next week. No problem."

Sabra & Dominic — Disco
Song: Donna Summer & Westlife, "Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)"
Choreographer: Doriana Sanchez
The period costumes were distracting, but Mary called the routine "corny and fun." It had some great lifts.

Ashlee & Ricky — Argentine Tango
Song: "Sentimiento Tanguero"
Choreographer: Alex de Silva
Ashlee is beautiful, but when she danced with Ricky, it looked like Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman. Dan said, "It wasn’t that sexy."

Sara & Jesus — Pop Jazz
Song: "Cabaret Hoover" from The Triplets of Belleville
Choreographer: Wade Robson
I didn’t like the choreography, but the judges seemed to love it.

Jessi & Pasha — Smooth Waltz
Song: Norah Jones, "Come Away With Me"
Choreographer: Tony Meredith
Dan said, "It was so beautiful to watch," and I agree.

Faina & Cedric — Hip Hop
Song: Lloyd, "Get It Shawty"
Choreographer: Shane Sparks
These two don’t go well together, and Faina was out of her comfort zone — Nigel called her performance "dance by numbers."

Lauren & Neil — Club Salsa
Song: Mazerati 5, "Friday Night Rhythm"
Choreographer: Alex de Silva
Dan said, "The performance didn’t match the dancing," and felt that the couple lacked chemistry.

Shauna & Jimmy — Broadway
Song: "Ease On Down the Road" from The Wiz
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
As Dan said, it was definitely "fun to watch."

After all of the performances, Mary said that Anya & Danny were definitely safe, and Dan said that Ashlee & Ricky were in danger.

I agree with both of the judges on their predictions. My other favorite couples were Lacey & Kameron and Jessie & Pasha — although quirky Lauren is my early favorite dancer. Faina & Cedric might be in some trouble.