Ox Notes: June 20, 2007

With the fall TV season looming, there’s no shortage of new reality shows in development. Donald Trump is partnering with MTV in an attempt to salvage disgraced Miss USA Tara Connor’s career. She’ll play "den mother" to other pageant winners on Pageant Place.

And Rob Mariano is developing his own show that will be "bigger than Survivor, bigger than The Amazing Race." I doubt that, considering that the show’s title, Tontine, doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue and refers to an obscure kind of financial arrangement.

Why all of the new reality shows? Because that’s what viewers are watching this summer.

Rumors are circulating that Survivor 16 (the one following Survivor: China) will be another all-star edition. Rob Mariano, however, will not be eligible, since the field will consist of players from seasons 9-15.

Finally, after watching the most recent episode of MTV’s The Inferno 3, I have to recommend the show even if you’ve never seen an episode of The Real World or Road Rules. Why? Kenny Santucci.

Kenny joined the RW/RR Challenge fold three seasons ago, and the guy never fails to crack me up. Here’s an example of one of his narcissistic gems from last night’s show, which you can view in its entirety here: "I’m not one to rub it in peoples’ faces how great I am, but ask me what I’m bad at. Nothing."

There’s not a whole lot of info available on Jersey-boy Kenny (why would there be? He competes on MTV game shows for a living). But I did find his name on the roster of a management company, and their list of clients is an impressive Who’s Who of reality stars.