SYTYCD 3, Top 14: Results

Another couple’s journey was brought to an end on So You Think You Can Dance. Was Cedric able to squeak by for another week?


The show began with a group dance to "You Can’t Stop the Beat," from the new version of Hairspray, choreographed by guest judge Adam Shankman. In footage of the rehearsal, Adam’s manic energy, constant swearing, and goofy directions — "hungry jazz face" — amused the dancers.

First, two couples were brought out to learn the results of the audience vote: Sabra & Dominic and Anya & Danny. Anya & Danny were in the Bottom Three, and Nigel said it was because "they’re not communicating with the audience."

The next couples were Lacey & Kameron, Sara & Pasha, and Shauna & Cedric. Shauna & Cedric were told they were in the Bottom Three, to which Mary said, "You’re both very special and unique" — a brush-off compliment if I’ve ever heard one.

Finally, Jamie & Hok and Lauren & Neil took the stage, and Jamie & Hok rounded out the Bottom Three.

Anya — Mighty Dub Katz, "Magic Carpet Ride"
Danny — Mario Spinetti, "Delirious"
Shauna — The Cranberries, "Zombie"
Cedric — Kelis, "Circus"
Jamie — Nelly Furtado, "Childhood Dreams"
Hok — "Ease on Down the Road" from The Wiz

Anya’s cheetah-print catsuit was the best costume of the night, and shirtless Danny had the least costume of the night. Shauna and Jamie danced similar contemporary solos, but Shauna’s was better. And Cedric only wishes he could dance as well as Hok.

While the judges deliberated, Hillary Duff performed her song "Stranger" in a harem-girl outfit.

After Duff returned to her sultan’s tent, the girls’ verdict was delivered. Nigel said the decision was unanimous, and not based solely on this night’s performance.

Jamie was told she was safe straight away. And while Nigel said Anya’s solo was weak, he said her body of work warranted another chance. Shauna was let go because, according to Nigel, she hasn’t grown as much as the other girls, and her personality isn’t as strong.

Nigel didn’t prolong the boys’ elimination at all; he immediately told Cedric the competition was over for him.

Because Shauna and Cedric had been partnered together, the eliminations left all of the remaining couples intact for one last week of pairs competition.