Ox Notes: July 13, 2007

There may be a major shake up in the works for Criminal Minds after Mandy Patinkin failed to show up for a read-through of the new season’s early scripts. He’s been written out of the season premiere.

Perhaps Patinkin can try out for Lifetime’s new reality show, America’s Psychic Challenge. Yes, it’s a game show for amateur psychics.

Ian Ziering wishes he was psychic. He’s apparently really, really hoping to become the new host of The Price Is Right, but CBS hasn’t named Bob Barker’s replacement yet.

Finally, there’s news about a few of the imported comedies on HBO. Ricky Gervais is planning to wrap up Extras with an hour-long special. And the creators of the BBC comedy Little Britain are working on a new six-episode series for HBO.

If you are like me and don’t have HBO, and you don’t want to wait for Flight of the Conchords to come out on DVD, each new episode of the show is available for a limited time at the show’s website. The site also features video clips from all of the episodes, including a performance by Jermaine and Bret as their rap alter egos, Hip-Hopopotamus and Rhymenocerous: