Pirate Master: Episode 8

The dead came back to life and the planets seemed aligned for mutiny, but in the end, things stayed pretty much the same on Pirate Master.

As a twist, the seven previously eliminated pirates were brought back to compete against the remaining nine pirates for this week’s treasure — and more importantly, the chance to overthrow Azmyth and put him up for elimination.

Despite being outnumbered by two crew members, strong competitors like Joe Don, Cheryl, Sean, and scientist/exotic dancer John gave the "Ghost Crew" a fighting chance against Captain Azmyth’s Black Crew.

Things looked good for the Ghosts when, after the crews rowed downriver and found keys to the treasure chest, Azmyth led his team in the wrong direction (as usual). While Azmyth’s squad roamed aimlessly, the Ghost Crew made it to the location of the final clue, before someone realized that John had lost their key somewhere along the way.

The Ghosts had to return to the river and don diving masks in an effort to retrieve the key from the murky depths, giving the Black Crew enough time to figure out how to use a compass and make their way to the treasure.

Joe Don was especially bummed that he wouldn’t be able to eliminate Azmyth: "I don’t like to point the finger, but when somebody loses the key, it’s just like, ‘Agh.’"

The ghosts left, and the pirates counted their gold. Host Cameron Daddo told Azmyth that he could elect two new officers, and, for about a second, the crew entertained hope for a regime change. But Azmyth stuck with Ben and Jay.

Azmyth kept $25000 of the $50000 treasure for himself, Jay and Ben received $6250 each, and the remaining crew members were each given $2000. For her services as cook, Azmyth gave Jupiter a $500 bonus.

The unequal distribution of funds provoked talk of mutiny among the crew. When Laurel broached the subject with Jupiter, Jupiter said she’d never agree to mutiny against Azmyth.

But, in an effort to nudge Azmyth toward improving the conditions of the crew, Jupiter told Azmyth about the mutinous talk. At dinner. In front of everybody. The results? Azmyth assumed that Jupiter had turned on him, and the crew decided that Jupiter was a moron.

When it came time to hand out Black Spots, Kendra got one for being slow and Laurel got one for being grouchy (although Azmyth’s fear that she might reveal that some of his dreadlocks are fake may have played a part). With Jay’s prompting, Azmyth assigned the final Spot to Jupiter.

While waiting for Pirates Court, Louie got Jay’s agreement to mutiny but couldn’t get a definite answer from Ben. If the three voting crew members voted for mutiny, but couldn’t get the consent of the two officers, then Azmyth would decide which crew member to eliminate.

At Pirates Court, Laurel called out Azmyth for being a tyrant and Jupiter promised that she’d never mutiny against Azmyth. That seemed to be enough to convince Nessa, Louie, and Christa to forgo mutiny for the time being and eliminate Jupiter, easing the way for a future mutiny.

Next week, it doesn’t take long for Azmyth to realize that giving Jupiter a Black Spot was incredibly stupid.