Ox Notes: July 18, 2007

Ahead of tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, here are links to spoilers from Monday’s taping and interviews with the two dancers eliminated last week, Shauna and Cedric. And, yes, even Cedric agrees that he should’ve been kicked off weeks ago.

Masi Oka offered some spoilers of his own about Heroes Season 2.

All you fans of daytime talk shows can relax — The Jerry Springer Show and The Maury Povich Show will be on the air through 2010.

In other old-guys-on-TV news, now that Sam Waterston’s Jack McCoy character has been promoted to District Attorney on Law & Order, the new assistant D.A. will be played by the guy who played Bruce Wayne’s dad in Batman Begins.

And if you heard a small squeal of delight at approximately 10:50 a.m. Central Time, that was me as I read the news about a new pilot in development at CBS called Kingdom. Here’s a description of the show from the Variety article:

"Kingdom" is set in the era of knights and castles. The male-centric pilot revolves around four average young men, one of whom discovers he’s heir to the throne. Skein will explore how the new power changes the lives of the four friends, particularly the new King Lucas — who’d rather drink and womanize than fulfill his new duties.

Eeee! I can’t wait!