Ox Notes: July 26, 2007

While you wait to find out which dancers will be sent home tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, check out these TV Guide interviews with the two dancers eliminated last week: Anya and Hok.

I’m very excited that the next season of Top Chef will be filmed in Chicago. I’m going to have to start reading the Chicago Tribune’s Food Section regularly so that I’ll be able to recognize all of the chefs they bring in as guest judges.

My excitement about the Top Chef news is diminished somewhat by the news that Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas has left his position as show runner of the new ABC comedy Miss/Guided.

Here are five of the most highly anticipated TV panels at this weekend’s Comic-Con, including a preview of the second season of Heroes and Q&A with the cast.

I’ll leave you with a suggestion of what not to watch: Schooled on the CW. The music-themed reality/prank show was filmed at a New Jersey high school, and ends with a performance by the All-American Rejects.

Schooled is an advertisement for OfficeMax aimed at middle schoolers. The show, which ran an initial special on ABC Family last year with guest Jesse McCartney, was created by and is entirely funded by OfficeMax. It’s airing on the CW on August 5 — right when most kids are shopping for their back-to-school supplies.

What’s even sadder than the mere existence of this show is that it actually works: the company saw an increase in sales after the first special aired. They’re hoping to reach an even bigger audience this time, thanks to the CW.