SYTYCD 3, Top 10: Results

Without Lacey for a partner, Kameron suddenly didn’t look so good — and the viewers told him so.

The Results Show began with a super creepy group performance to Imogen Heap’s "The Moment I Said It." The routine was choreographed by Mia Michaels.

Mia started the program’s opening comments by apologizing to the U.S. Marine Corps. There was an upside-down Marine Corps emblem on the jacket she wore at the Performance Show, and she hadn’t realized what it was or that it would be offensive.

Then Nigel had to apologize on behalf of Wade for last night’s solo routine, because that had apparently offended some people as well. He stressed that being anti-war isn’t unpatriotic: "I don’t know anybody who’s pro-war." He went on about Wade’s routine: "To be frank, I was bored by it by the fifth time I saw it."

After that awkward intro, host Cat Deeley trotted out a guest performer, Mika, to kill time. The sound levels during Mika’s performance were so bad that his vocals were unintelligible.

Then, it was time to learn the voting results. Jamie and Lauren were told that they were two of the four lowest vote-getters, and they were joined at the bottom by Dominic and Kameron.

Cat turned to the judges for their opinion on the Bottom Four, and Mia said she’d expected Pasha to be at the bottom. Nigel’s meager consolation for the dancers: "You’re doing the tour now. [As for the prize], it’s only a quarter of a million dollars."

Consolation Solos:
Jamie — Stars, "Your Ex-Lover’s Dead"

Dominic — Jimmy Castor Bunch, "It’s Just Begun"

Lauren — Mercyme, "I Can Only Imagine"

Kameron — Timbaland, "Oh Timbaland"

The girls deserve points for their outfits — Lauren dressed like a jungle girl, and Jamie’s already copious breasts were adorned with beaded fringe. Kameron’s solo was forgettable, but Dominic spent half of his 30-second doing an impressive, continuous spin on his head.

Finally, it was time for elimination, and Jamie and Kameron were sent packing. When Kameron’s name was announced, it sounded as if a few of the teen girls in the audience died from shock.