SYTYCD 3, Top 6: Results

On Monday night’s So You Think You Can Dance Results Show, the field of six was pared down to the final four.

This week’s group number was the story of some zombie satyrs whose significant others had just left on a train. Hey, I can only interpret based on the song’s lyrics (Tom Waits’ "2:19") and the costumes. Only choreographer Wade Robson knows what the hell his routines are really about.

Then, Titus Fotso & the African Dance Music Ensemble performed.

The show’s next two segments featured the six remaining dancers’ solos:

Sabra — "I Gotcha" from Fosse

Lauren — Pat Benatar, "Heartbreaker"

Lacey — Lillix, "What I Like About You"

Pasha (shirtless) — Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, "Zoot Suit Riot"

Neil — Rob Thomas, "All That I Am"

Danny — Robin Thicke, "2 The Sky"

Choreographer Lil’ C and some of his dancers then killed time by performing a krump routine.

I was hoping I would enjoy this style of dance better once I’d finally seen it performed by someone who dances it regularly — and not someone who’d just learned the style in the span of a few hours. I didn’t.

It was almost time to reveal the night’s big losers. After a thorough recap of Wednesday’s performances, Lacey and Danny were told they were safe.

Then, Cat Deeley stopped the proceedings and ushered the audience out of the studio. This episode had been filmed on Thursday. So, in order to give the Final Four time to practice over the weekend, the results had to be revealed in secret.

With Sabra and Lauren as the two girls in danger, it wasn’t a surprise when Lauren was told she’d been eliminated. But the absence of a noisy studio audience added a creepy feeling to Cat’s announcement. Nigel Lythgoe — who’d been allowed to remain in the studio — said that Lauren might have peaked too late to win over voters.

Then Pasha and Neil took the stage to sparse clapping from the judges and a couple of crew members. Pasha got the axe, but Nigel called him a "charming gentleman." Mary Murphy teared up as she talked about Pasha’s development as a dancer, and Debbie Allen told him to take acting lessons and capitalize on his fame.

I agree. Hollywood has suffered from a dearth of shirtless Russian dancers for years. It’s time this crisis was addressed.