Ox Notes: August 14, 2007

TV Guide has a backstage report from the set of So You Think You Can Dance in which Nigel Lythgoe says that, between the final performance and results shows, the Final Four dancers will be performing 11 or 12 routines. Perhaps Wednesday’s and Thursday’s two-hour-long episodes won’t be all filler material after all.

Another pair of dancers, Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo, had their respective bachelorette and bachelor parties in Las Vegas this weekend.

In other talent competition news, NBC has sold the format for America’s Got Talent to 80 countries. The show could be huge in the Philippines, where there is already a huge pool of future parolees who can dance to Michael Jackson’s "Thriller":

The grandmother of all competition shows, The Miss America Pageant, is moving to TLC. The network will lead up to the contest with a reality series following some of the contestants.

And I’m excited that the cast of Family Guy is coming to Chicago to perform two shows that will include musical performances, a table read of an episode, and a preview of the season premiere Star Wars episode. Anyone willing to share Tickemaster’s Internet presale code?