Ox Notes: August 29, 2007

While on tour with Dancing with the Stars this summer, Cheryl Burke answered fans’ questions for People — although she didn’t get a chance to say what she thinks of her new partner, Wayne Newton.

Here’s an interview with Christa DeAngelo after she failed to win Pirate Master. Has she mentioned that she was playing for her daughter?

Updating a story reported earlier this week, Kevin Smith will not be directing an episode of Battlestar Galactica, after all.

To toughen up Katie Couric’s image, CBS is sending her to Iraq. They defend the move as more than just a publicity stunt: Katie’s high profile has enabled her to secure interviews with "reclusive politicians and alleged terror leaders."

The Writers Guild of America has jumped into the Kid Nation fray, alleging that the network kept its workers in "deplorable" conditions. Variety’s Brian Lowry says that the real story behind the Kid Nation controversy is just how many rights reality show participants willingly sign away for a chance at fame.

Maxim has a list of "Ten Fall Shows We Won’t Watch." And, in most (not all) cases, I think they may be on to something.

Finally, Filmwad has a list of Actors Who Have Spent Their Entire Careers Playing the Same Character. I especially liked their description of the character Ben Affleck always plays: "Almost Charming, Immensely Douchebaggy Sonofabitch."