Ox Notes: August 30, 2007

Now that the cast list for Dancing with the Stars 5 has been released, people are setting odds on who’s most likely to win. Here are the odds as calculated by The Chicago Sun-Times’ Doug Elfman, who posits that Jane Seymour signed on to the show to "avoid making Dr. Quinn Returns, co-starring Kenny Rogers."

DwtS alum Drew Lachey will host Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann (formerly called Dance-X), which will air six episodes this winter.

MTV’s working on a new reality series called The Paper about a high school newspaper — because nothing’s more exciting than watching people write. Maybe I’ll set up a camera while I work and sell the recordings to some network, too.

Variety has an interesting article about the networks’ backup plans in the event of a writers strike when their contract runs out in October. Plans include importing popular cable series. The website also features a piece about the good old days of network fall TV campaigns, with links to some amusing YouTube videos.

Billboard magazine has an interview with Flight of the Conchords’ Jermaine Clement, who sounds a little burnt out by the comedy duo’s recent rise to fame.

And Tim Gunn is making the rounds promoting his new show, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, which premieres on Bravo September 6. In an interview with The Chicago Sun-Times, he says that the presidential candidate he’d most like to make over is Hillary Clinton: "I find her uniform to be a crashing bore."

Tim is completely candid in this interview with AfterElton.com, and it is a must read for Tim Gunn fans. He opens up about his lack of a love life and his unexpected path his career has take since Project Runway: "If I were to read a script that had all this in it, I’d say this is preposterous – fire the writer!"