Ox Notes: August 31, 2007

Is Sabrina Bryan a ringer, brought in by ABC to become the first woman to win Dancing with the Stars since Kelly Monaco? Here’s a video of Sabrina dancing the Tango on an episode of The Cheetah Girls:

One of Sabrina’s competitors on DwtS, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., said he thought about quitting once he realized how difficult ballroom dancing is: "But I’m a true champion, and true champions don’t quit."

The producer of MSNBC’s documentary series Lockup, Rasha Drachkovitch, talked to Reuters about some of the dangers and surprises of filming in a prison, including the inmate who liked being on camera so much he started confessing to other crimes.

If you’re interested in keeping up with Who Wants to Be a Superhero but, like me, don’t have the SciFi channel, Zap2It has recaps of each episode.

Greg Grunberg gave TV Guide an update on the Heroes world tour, where he and Masi Oka have been goofing around on the Tokyo subway.

If you’re interested in buying episodes of Heroes at iTunes, you’ll soon be out of luck: NBC won’t renew its contract with iTunes.

Since it’s payday for many of us — and the start of a three-day weekend here in the States — here’s a great way to blow some money: Amazon is having a special Primetime Emmy DVD Sale on boxed sets of Emmy nominated shows, past and present. I’m eyeing the first season of Rome for $54.99, but the first season of Soap is even more tempting at $14.99.