DwtS 5, Week 1: Results

The fans agreed with the judges, and the couple with the lowest score became the first couple eliminated from Dancing with the Stars 5.

This season’s first results show got underway with the traditional judges’ encore. Sabrina & Mark took the honors for their high-scoring Cha Cha.

After the encore, Dolly Parton performed her classic country hit, "9 to 5," as professional dancers Cheryl, Derek, Julianne, and Mark took to the floor.

Then, fans who’d been in the studio audience for this week’s two Performance Shows gave their opinions of the dancers. The other members of the Cheetah Girls said they wished they looked as good as Jane Seymour does now. Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor, could only mutter, "Josie’s pretty." And a female fan said of Cameron, "I wanted to skinny dip in his eyes."

Then it was time for Drew Lachey to chat backstage with the first four couples who were announced as safe for this week: Sabrina & Mark, Jennie & Derek, Helio & Julianne, and Albert & Anna. Drew noted that Sabrina had tied Mario Lopez for the highest first week score in DwtS history, although that didn’t wind up helping Mario at the end.

And Albert revealed that he and Anna have a plan to win: "We’re gonna keep it fun — keep it sassy."

Drew deadpanned, "Gonna keep it sassy. I can hardly wait."

New this season was corporate sponsorship for the guest dancers who perform at the Results Shows. Tonight, "Stars of Dance, sponsored by Macy’s" presented a performance by tap dancer Savion Glover.

The tap dance was followed by another song by Dolly Parton, who sang "Better Get to Livin’," from her upcoming album.

Kenny Mayne stole the show with his comedic look at "The Origins of Dance." He strolled along the beach in a sparkly ballroom shirt, examining cave drawings in the caves of "Africa, which looks amazingly like Malibu, California." Mayne ultimately determined that dance originated on British TV with Len Goodman. Then it came to America, where fans tuned in to see if George Hamilton is still alive.

Finally, it was revealed which couples received the lowest number of votes on Monday and Tuesday nights: Josie & Alec and Mark & Kym.

Ultimately, Josie & Alec were unable to counter their low scores with audience votes, and they were sent home. Tom Bergeron pointed at the judges and asked Josie if she’d like to say anything to anyone. She looked at the judges’ table and said, "Thanks for your… honesty?"

After Josie thanked Alec, he urged everyone who had voted for them to shift all of their future votes to his wife Edyta — and Cameron. And then Alec and Josie danced to The Cars’ incredibly melancholy "Drive."