Ox Notes: September 27, 2007

TV Guide’s backstage report from last night’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show features a reminder of why Dolly Parton is so cool. While filming her performances, a fan in the balcony yelled out, "I love you, Dolly!" Dolly replied, "I told you to wait in the truck!"

People also filed their own behind-the-scenes reports from Monday’s premiere, Tuesday’s Performance Show, and last night’s Results Show, which won the night with 16.62 million viewers.

Dance fever seems to have taken over the networks, as both ABC and NBC are planning scripted series about young New Yorkers trying to make it in the performing arts.

I’m not sure NBC will be as lucky with two other shows it’s working on. First is a reality competition show called Phenomenon, in which illusionists perform live tricks that are judged by the Mindfreak, Criss Angel. And the second is a remake of Knight Rider. As if you can improve on the original.

Speaking of things as stupid as a show about a talking car, the contestants on America’s Next Top Model didn’t get the eco-friendly message that producers tried to impress upon them — although one of the models did try to make sense of it: "It really is important to just be aware of what keeps our earth good."

In other modeling-related news, Project Runway 4 premieres on Wednesday, November 14.

Finally, farmer Steve "Chicken" Morris gave an interview to TV Guide after becoming the first contestant eliminated from Survivor: China. Even though he didn’t last long in the game, the Survivor experience gave Chicken the travel bug: "…when a neighbor or friend used to say, ‘Hey, I’m going to Scotland next week,’ it kind of went in one ear and out the other. After you’ve traveled one time and you hear people tell about their trip, now I’ve got my ear cocked: I want to hear about it." Happy travels, Chicken.