Survivor China: Episode 2

On this week’s Survivor, the Zhan Hu tribe lost one more member — and all of its lip rings.

Dave’s offer to take charge of the listless Zhan Hu tribe turned out to be a mixed blessing. Sure, he helped them build a fire pit and gather firewood, but he was a total jerk about it. Or, as his tribemate Ashley put it, Dave was a "tool."

His efforts didn’t help the team win challenges either, as he took so long crafting his dream barbecue that he wouldn’t let his tribemates build a cooking fire until after the Immunity Challenge. The team wanted to go into challenges hungry — just not that kind of hungry.

As for the challenges, this week’s Reward Challenge would be a big hit if CBS chose to release a Survivor China: Uncensored DVD. Three members of each tribe faced off against one another trying to 1) roll a huge ball across a mud pit and into their team’s goal, and 2) stop the other team from doing the same.

In order to keep their only sets of clothes clean, most of the Survivors competed in their underwear. And as they wrestled in the mud — wouldn’t you know it — most of their underwear came off. Amanda rolled a ball into Fei Long’s goal as her teammates cheered, "Put your top back on!"

Amanda covered her chest and said, "My mom’s going to kill me!"

The challenge was a best of three. In round two, James was able to seal the victory for Fei Long pretty quickly. The tribe was rewarded with fishing gear and the opportunity to kidnap a member of the other tribe until the next Immunity Challenge. They nabbed Zhan Hu’s only upbeat member, Jaime.

On the way to her temporary camp, Jeff Probst handed Jaime a special package to be opened in secret. A note inside instructed Jamie to give a sealed clue to the whereabouts of a Hidden Immunity Idol to a member of the Fei Long tribe.

She made the shrewd decision to give the clue to Fei Long’s weakest player, Christian radio host Leslie, in the hopes that she would stick around at the expense of someone stronger. Leslie accepted the clue as a gift from God, as opposed to from Jaime.

Leslie then made as stupid a move as Jaime’s was smart. She shared the clue with Todd, in the hopes that they could find the Immunity Idol together and then share it. Todd was evidently so crafty that he’d been able to convince Leslie that he was trustworthy, while simultaneously forming an alliance with Amanda and using Aaron as his puppet dictator.

Needless to say, as soon as Todd heard the clue from Leslie, he started planning on how to get rid of her and keep the Idol for himself.

He wouldn’t have that chance, though, as Zhan Hu lost the Immunity Challenge and headed back to Tribal Council again. After three days of constant bickering between Ashley and Dave, it was clear that one of them needed to go.

Everyone on Zhan Hu seemed to like Ashley better, but they feared losing Dave’s strength. So they took the opportunity at Tribal Council to tell Dave that he was patronizing and rude, and gave him one more chance to straighten up.

They gave Ashley the hook instead, and as she left, she pointed at Dave and said, "I’ll see you soon."

She’s probably right, because next week Dave becomes even more frustrated with his lazy tribemates. Something tells me that Dave, who rolls his eyes as naturally as he breathes, won’t be able to keep his frustrations to himself.