Ox Notes: October 4, 2007

It hasn’t been a good week for pro wrestling Survivors. Ashley Massaro was voted out of Survivor: China last Thursday, freeing up her time for this TV Guide interview. And Jonny Fairplay lost some of his chiclets after jumping on Danny Bonaduce — never a good idea.

Speaking of pro wrestlers, Hulk Hogan has been tapped to host the revamped American Gladiators.

Brace yourself: Billy Ray Cyrus is dropping by Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday. Mercifully, he won’t be doing any dancing: he and daughter, Miley, are the Results Show’s musical guests.

To tide you over until the stars Jive and Tango on Monday night, check out Mark Cuban’s latest blog post, Albert Reed’s video diary, or submit questions for Cheryl Burke at People’s website.

Star Trek’s George Takei is happy to have an asteroid named in his honor so that he can say, "I am now a heavenly body."

Be sure to check out Greg’s review of Pushing Daisies. The show’s premiere provoked that special kind of disappointment that comes from squandered potential. The ingredients were there, but it just didn’t come together for me. It was the TV equivalent of watching the smartest kid in your high school turn down a scholarship at Harvard to work at Wal-Mart.